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Anti-gay bullying campaign hits streets in time for term

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Reader comments

  1. I think such pictures (like that of Alan Carr in the T-shirt proclaiming “Some people are gay, get over it!”) would be more powerful and useful if they featured the likes of Peter Mandelson and other high-profile successful gay men and women.

    Alan Carr exploits the old sniggered-at gay stereotype. Watch his act! He invites derision from his audiences. He invites them to laugh out loud at his pathetic limp campness. He’s no role-model for many gays and lesbians at school.

  2. Oh, please. Here we go with the camp argument again. Internalized homophobia much?

    I guess the slogans should also feature: “Some people are camp, get over it”.

    I am diametrically opposite of being camp, and Alan Carr IS my role model. I laugh at his jokes (ie substance), not at his camp demeanour. I don’t even register it anymore. And I still believe stereotypes lose power if you laugh at them.

    Though I am a bit shocked he’s doing this. He’s always been uninvolved (to put it mildly) in gay rights.

  3. Lucius, yes, you’ve put it succinctly: gay does not equal camp, camp does not equal gay.

  4. Gay does not equal camp – I agree.

    But the other way around? I am not so certain. I have yet to meet a camp male who wasn’t gay.

    And it’s not a stereotype. Just statistics.

  5. Oh, Lucius, they’re out there. I’ve met a number. Camp but definitely not identifying as gay. A phenomenon that certainly happens in Britain where men are gentler by and large and where eccentricity and individuality is permitted – within limits!

  6. I get what you’re saying, Eddy. It would be nice to see LOTS of influential people wearing this shirt whatever their sexuality.

  7. Now THAT’S vision, Iris! LOTS of influential people gay and STRAIGHT wearing that T-shirt on occasion in public. There’s a mission for Stonewall: they send, gratis, one such T-shirt to major figures, gay and straight, with a letter asking them to please wear it at some public event where they will most likely to be photographed by the media! (Even if the recipients only wear it in the privacy of their back-gardens on a Sunday afternoon with the family, it’ll be SOMETHING at least – and T-shirts aren’t expensive!)

  8. John(Derbyshire) 23 Aug 2009, 10:36am

    Do you think this kind of campaign actually ENCOURAGES homophobic bullying?

  9. No, John, no, I don’t. I mean, I don’t think that by standing up to what is wrong you encourage it. By stand up to something you stand up to it, you make it difficult for those perpetrating in the injustice. By doing nothing, one would be encouraging them. Just think back to the Second World War. England didn’t say, “We mustn’t stand up to the Nazis because if we do we’ll only encourage them”. It’s the same principle.

    We have to be DARING and BRAVE.

  10. Great idea, Eddy! The only ‘placed’ T shirt I saw was on Hollyoaks, which was good, but I thought that having bisexual Kris wear it rather than a straight character lacked imagination.

    No, John, I don’t think it encourages bullying, but I kind of see what you mean. I know some people have criticised the slogan for being too ‘in your face’, but it was created by the audience it’s aimed at, so I think it’s OK.

  11. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 24 Aug 2009, 8:05am

    There’s been campaigns with celebrities calling for greater support for HIV victims, domestic violence and cancer who have not been victims. So why don’t we have non-gay people doing the same thing?

    As for Alan Carr’s gay rights support – I aint seen any of it. For all the events I attend, I’ve never seen him at one!

  12. Sorry, but this is not going to help. If I saw that mouthy, fat little mincer in the street, I’d want to twat him too.

  13. Can we buy those shirts that he had on?
    I mean a new one, not the one he actually wore for that picture

    And RobN, Alan Carr is a good guy, his camp attitude lays a bad stereotype on us all but he IS a comedian so he needs to be liked, he lives off stereotypes
    I have yet to find a stereotype that isnt true for us

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