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New Zealand moves to abolish gay panic defence

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Reader comments

  1. Very impressive to hear that this is going on in New Zealand because recently I have been following some of the threads on the Forum section of New Zealand’s version of Pink News (GayNZ) and, honestly, the level of debate and comment there is absolutely infantile. They’re right at the other end of the earth and, Jesus, does it show! It’s like they are not aware, or they haven’t been exposed to a wide breadth of views. Apart from just one or two articulate posters, the rest of them think and talk like kiddies! See the “Religious Debate” thread in particular!

    Click here to view the FORUM threads at GAYNZ.COM

    Is there a need for gay non-religious missionaries to go out to New Zealand and wake up it’s young gay men? You bet!

    But the above news suggests there’s some kind of split in the country: good sense going on in parliament but the general populace swirling around in simple ignorance.

  2. Well done New Zealand; This law is the same as if someone comes up behind you in dark and shouts “boo” and you bea them to death with the nearest blunt instrument; it just don’t happen that way!!!!!

  3. Good news. I still think though there’s plenty of Gay Panic going down at Brixton Fitness First…

  4. Har Davids 20 Aug 2009, 3:08pm

    I makes sense to abolish this defence after all, there’s no straight panic defence for men of women who felt provoked by someone coming onto them.

  5. Oh diddums! Are the poor fit hunky str8 blokes getting upset if someone sees their wee we in Brixton Fitness First????;-0

  6. @ Eddy – and that is different from Pink News comments how…? There is plenty of examples of “absolutely infantile” comments right here on this site! At least NZ is doing something about the outdated laws.

    There is no “split in the country”. The average person is well informed and is behind this law change 150%.

  7. @Eddy there are lots of infantile inarticulate posts in lots of places everywhere – straight or gay. Don’t make sweeping generalizations about a country. New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote and the first country to have an open transsexual MP, we lead far more than we follow, especially for a country of our size! (not quite 5 million)

  8. Captain Hornblower 20 Oct 2009, 2:32am

    Well Idunno! New Zealand was recently voted, ‘The best country in the world to live in’. It’s quiet & peaceful, no invasive, bullying Cameras either. Many who live here are of English origin & are happy to be away from old burnt-out Europe. The rest of us are very busy practising Survial Tacics after European Invasion day.

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