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New Zealand judge calls for gay couples to be given right to adopt

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Reader comments

  1. 1 little point to make.

    Gay people should not have the ‘right’ to adopt. Neither should straight people.

    No-one should have that right.

    People should have the right to be considered whether they are suitable as adoptive parents irrespective of their sexual orientation and assessed in the same manner.

    I know I might be splitting hairs but it irritates me to hear folk going on about the ‘right to adopt’ as if it is as fundamental as the right to vote or something.

  2. And, Vince, similarly, people should not have “the right” to reproduce children. They should have the right to apply to reproduce, but not to actually do it when and however many times they please.

    There are tens of thousands of babies and children out there already who need loving homes.

    And the planet cannot sustain willy-nilly no-holds-barred endless heterosexual reproduction.

  3. It does make me laugh when I hear people talk about the ‘right’ to be a parent. Being a parent is a responibility. It is not a right.

  4. Brian Burton 24 Aug 2009, 6:35am

    You are Queen of the hair-splitting fraturnity. Eddy has got it right so more power to Eddy’s elbow.

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