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MP calls for halt on deportation of Iraqi gay man

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Reader comments

  1. The Border Agency is a disgrace to Britain. They let in rogues and criminals AND anyone with plenty of money, but have no sympathy with anyone who is poor. About par for the couse with New Labour. A party devoid of principls. But the Tories would be no better.

  2. This man MUST NOT be deported.

    I consider myself “anti-immigration” and believe we have let way (WAY) too many people into the UK over the last eight or so years but this is clearly a deserving case of asylum who the refugee laws were designed for. Any reasonable person must surely agree.

    The horrors gay people face in Iraq can truely be described as “hell on earth”. I will be disgusted and saddened if this man is deported.

    We have welcomed Islamic “preachers of hate” who despise the west, people accused of genocide in Rwanda, suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, people who have committed murder/terrorist attacks in their own country (but can’t be deported because of their “human rights”) and a whole stream of undesirables, but want to deport this vulnerable man?

    There must be an urgent halt to deporting gay people to either Iraq or Iran (but especially Iraq, which is much, much worse).

  3. I also meant to say “well done” to this MP (Sarah Teather) for her compassionate, vocal stance on this issue and for fighting on his behalf. She deserves our praise.

    We need other high-profile figures like her to start speaking out about this issue (the horror faced by Iraqi gays).

  4. If officials are questioning this man’s true sexual orientation but he is said to be currently living with his partner in Brent then officials have an absolute duty to get right to the bottom of the matter and establish the truth! If he’s genuinely gay then he must stay. If he’s not, then copy-cats must be shown that this strategy does not work.

    The problem is, as any gay man who has lived in the Arab world knows, that Arab men will nearly always happily have sex with another male (provided they are the “dominant” or “penetrative” partner. So a lot of Arab men could pose as gays seeking refuge in order to get a foot into the UK. The authorities should be aware of this.

  5. yet another case of the Home Office lagging behind public opinion! How sare they even consider sending this man back to his death. Old Jaquie Smiths comments about being discreet clearly dont hold any water when gay men are being dragged out of the privacy of their own homes and tortured and murdered!!!

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