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Gay Mad Men episode under fire from parents’ group

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Reader comments

  1. Got to love how these groups always manage to ignore any sense of context or artistic license.

  2. There’s always a cuffuffull when two men kiss on tv; big deal! remember the Bill when the PC snogged the Sgt? That caused a hoo har too! But if someone stabs or shoots someone no one seems to bother!

  3. I always find it strange that people are generally so much more easily offended by anything to do with sex on TV, compared to violence on TV. These puritans who watch TV supposedly to “police” it on the behalf of everyone else *cough* don’t seem to be as fussed about someone being shot in the face on TV as they do about two men consensually kissing.

  4. Paul Kidder 21 Aug 2009, 6:12pm

    Ah, yes… Because Mad Men is such COMPULSIVE viewing for the under-fourteens! The machinations of a 1960s advertising agency being no doubt thrilling for minors, perhaps the  
    Parents’ Television Council has discovered a new target demographic for the show? Scotch for breakfast istead of Sunny D. Smoking whilst pregnant (only the fourteen year-olds, mind!) Adulterous affairs (again, save it for the teens!) The PTC should kindly dissapear up its own arse instead of rabidly obsessing about what consenting adults do with theirs.    

  5. this is the same group who filed a complaint against the simpsons for a 2 second glimpse of a sign that said what would jesus glue. they send in over 90 percent of the complaints the fcc gets. they will bitch about anything and everything and they do.

  6. Brian Burton 22 Aug 2009, 9:12am

    Gay sex….The myth was exploded in ‘The Line Of Beauty’ some time ago. So, why all the fuss now?

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2009, 2:17pm

    The hypocrisy in all this is that these same parents never complain when some of the characters indulge in steamy straight sex and there are plenty of them to go around in this series. These two men weren’t even depicted having sex. How can touching and kissing be construed as such? I’m fed up with these straight champions of the double standard. Tune in to some of the day time soaps on American t.v., plenty of steamy sex scenes between straights, some even depicted as committing adultery in violation of their marriage vows yet they don’t complain about their kids watching that.

  8. Brian Burton 24 Aug 2009, 7:17am

    The movie ‘Priest’ with Linus Roach. Quite open Gay, explicit sex was shown in that movie. Also on BBC TV was the ‘Line Of Beauty’ white on Black open and explicit sex in that series. The days of Mary Whitehose are finnised and I remember Ronald Reagan making a speach on ‘Reviewing TV Pornography’ in the 1980s. The ‘Sex Debate’ will rumble on and sex will get more explicit as time goes by I expect. For my self, I have always prefered sex behind locked doors….that’s just the way I feel about it!

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