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UPDATED: Reality TV star claims he was jailed because he is gay

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Reader comments

  1. the other half 19 Aug 2009, 11:12am

    no you lieing lottle prick – you where jailed because you broke the law.

  2. Lorna McArdle 19 Aug 2009, 11:18am

    I think you may of gone to jail because of non-payment of taxes of $1mill

  3. The merits of Hatch’s view can’t be assessed without examining the same judge’s sentencing record regarding similar offenders who are straight.

  4. Gay people do get harsher sentences!

  5. Indeed! How does that fact come into a tax evasion slaim?

  6. This doesn’t help educate people that being gay isn’t a choice when people show they can use it as an excuse not to pay taxes and then claim discrimination when that doesn’t work
    Pay your taxes Richard!
    Everyone else has to!

  7. Yes he was targeted on more than one occasion. Being openly gay makes a person a target..he was first targeted related to his son. Richard didn’t hide the little million he won in an offshore account. I do believe they were told it was a million dollars free and clear. Most states when someone wins a large amount of money the taxes are taken out before you get the money. The time frame from when there was an issue raised and his conviction only prove he was targeted. It takes years of non-filing of taxes to get the attention of the IRS then years of letters etc. then garnishments etc before actual charges. So yeah I believe he was targeted and still is due to his being out spoken about it.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 19 Aug 2009, 5:42pm

    Ok Pelle, so did he in fact not pay the taxes due on the $1m win?

    As a tax payer I don’t want the government chasing round for years trying to lever long overdue money out of people.

    What he (and you) appear to be saying is yes, he was a tax cheat costing the rest of the country (gay and straight) money, but he wasn’t treated fairly because he was convicted in a timely fashion. If he’d paid his f*king taxes he wouldn’t have got convicted at all.

    Its unfair to everybody, including other gay people, if these people who can afford to choose not to pay their way in life. Jesus, its not like he worked for it in the first place.

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