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Photography lecturer to be disciplined for showing students trans artist’s work

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Reader comments

  1. Contact the college on to give them your feedback

  2. This article made me visit that artist’s site and have a look at the photos. I’m far from the world’s most open-minded person, but I can’t see what the problem is. I found them interesting and they made me think – surely, then, something that you WOULD recomend to anyone who was interested?

  3. Is it just me, or do other people think Transgenders get a rough deal? Where homosexuals are slowly and grudgingly being accepted in ‘mainstream’ society, (relatively speaking!!) there still seems to an attitude of horror towards trans?

  4. Why would a photography student interested in art be offended by art regardless of the content. I’d suggest this student is not for the art world, and (s)he would be better off sticking to photographing weddings. Would they also complain over the naked statue of Michaelangelo’s David?

    And the lecturers job is to open students minds to all forms of expression, not just the ones that some people are “okay with”.

    Bizarre story.

  5. Will – not just interested in art, but doing a project on “gender and sexuality”! You’d think he’d be a little more open minded if that was his choice of subject matter. . .

  6. Joe E in California 19 Aug 2009, 11:56pm

    Doesn’t say much for this school. Better find a more respectable and progressive college if you want to keep up with society. You might be better off with a degree from another school.

  7. Pumpkin Pie 20 Aug 2009, 12:43am

    He added he is considering legal action against the college for denigration of his work.

    Do it! :D

    We always hear stories of LGBT students being treated like crap by their schools. Things work out alright for some of them, but the schools get off scot-free. This time, there’s someone with influence and experience involved! I hope Volcano gives them their just desserts. And with a name like “Volcano”, you just know he’s gonna get results! ;)

  8. Might be time for the student in question to consider a new career path. What asininity.

  9. That’s funny, a lot of people on here agree with bannig and censoring everything they don’t agree with.

    Can’t have it both ways it seems.

  10. “That’s funny, a lot of people on here agree with banning and censoring everything they don’t agree with.”

    Really Verde? I’ve never seen that here. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

    What I have seen is people in here asking that hateful speech advocating the death and persecution of another human being based on their interpretation of “scripture” should not come under free speech. And it shouldn’t come under free speech. One’s ideas should encourage debate and thought, not encourage the death of another person, otherwise they’re not ideas, they’re persecution, aren’t they?

    Telling others to inflict pain or death on another human being is not artistic merit. And stopping that is not censorship.

    But well done on twisting the truth there.

  11. Will, a testy wee thing, aren’t we?!

  12. I’m disgusted that this has even got this far, surely as an Art or Photography student, covering anything contemporary regarding Gender and Sexuality, one would have to cover the work of Volcano? He would be the first stop on the research of this material. He has made arguably the greatest impact, with his works and life.
    This is utterly ridiculous and quite frankly shows the truly poor intellect and integrity of the student and the governing body of the college.

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