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Trans woman sues after being asked for photo of genitals

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Reader comments

  1. if true that is disgusting discrimination, best of luck to her

  2. Continue the fight, Kate Lynn!

  3. Oh well, if that’s the biggest thing to remember then I’m sure the company did nothing wrong. Hell, they even told us so!

  4. If that’s true, then the ignorance of the request – not to mention the bloody cheek – is shocking. I have a friend who’s intersex. The idea that people’s bodies have to match up to some ‘correct’ form is offensive.

    And I presume the employer also asked for photos of all their other employees’ genitals to check THEY were using the ‘right’ bathroom too?

    What an offensive and mad story.

  5. ANY employer has a right to make sure a MtF employee has had the operation.
    As until the Transexual has its operation its just thats an it.
    Only problem is in the USA they dont give surgeries unless you have th money I mean A LOT of money.
    Otherwise as a trans I have NO problem with being checked for the surgery.
    But then Im not forcing my Pre op body on others/employers….
    So the worng here is the Healthcare sytems NOT the employers/recruiters…
    Like I have said elsewhere if they refuse to hire this individual AFTER its surgery then absolutley penalize.
    But hiring homosexuals/preops/non ops is wrong morally and legally (liabilites)

  6. P.S. I was asked for proof of surgery type paperwork from a doctor in Santa Cruz California employer, I at that time had none as I had no money.
    I didnt cause trouble and I left the building upon my bosses request.
    Its pretty simple you dont force your lifestyle on others.

  7. Well I’m thanking my lucky stars all my employer needs from me is a photo of my ugly mug ! So… The surgeons note isn’t good enough ?, how about asking if a health examination is acceptable..surely many companies do that. But to ask for a photo of ones genitals is degrading to the extreme. Surely they cannot justify that.

  8. Crista, being trans isn’t a “lifestyle”! From the report, Ms Blatt was behaving correctly, simply being herself! In any case, if there’s a letter from her surgeon, why would the photo be needed? If these cases are not fought, then we’re back to square one. It’s tough but we can’t simply put our heads in the sand, we do have to fight.

  9. Pumpkin Pie 18 Aug 2009, 6:31pm

    A letter from her surgeon? Kind of odd isn’t it? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this employer didn’t understand that not every trans person even wants to have surgical operations! Thus, there’s no need for a letter from a surgeon, now is there?

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – those who think trans folk should go through compulsory surgical body modification are Mengele-esque. Sick, twisted and petty.

  10. Well God Created Male AND female gay and straight,]Not some third or fourth gender.
    Its indeed ok to to be transexual but if you are claiming your a TS and yet you flat out refuse the surgery then you are NOT a TS rather your autogynphellic. And hence you give us Real TS’es a very bad name.
    Until she has the surgery she will and should have no job prospects. I mean honestly folks dont want a cheeseburger handled by a shemale.
    I wouldn’t
    A post op female maybe but anything else. welllll
    If we are going to get society to accept us we need to to smart about it. and scaring the kids and soccer moms aint going to help a bit. Its only gonna make the kids dads want to pummel our faces in. rightfully so. War must be intellgent not clumsily.i

  11. You evil religious bitch Crista.

    No jobs for people of religious faith unless they can provide a photo of god and letter of acceptance from God.

  12. Pumpkin Pie 18 Aug 2009, 11:46pm

    I can’t tell whether Crista’s posts are satire or whether this is one of David Skinner et al.’s pseudonyms…

    The references to a deity creating the world exactly as this person interprets it, to “justified” violence against people based on them being pariahs, and to the scaring of children (“won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?”), plus the shame and apologist’s tone of “admitting” that she’s “unclean” – all indicative of a ****-stirring mole, or one of those ex-gay types, who seeks to sow discord among us and bring us toward the “light”.

    But is it a gag, or is it for real?

  13. Crista is sadly one of the many fraudulent trolls from the god freaks of america, who purport to be one thing, then say something else. Best to ignore, they just talk utter sh*te

    As regards the case, I hope the lady takes the clowns responsible to the f***ing cleaners.

  14. Abi1975

    Excellent post. Well said.

  15. Um its this kind infighting that holds us down as well,
    Ya see the general population sees as us God less
    Or atheists.
    We have to show them that we indeed do have morals and we DO fear GOD and that we arent all Deviants.
    You can call me what you will but there is a GOD and you can deny him at your own peril.
    I dont like violence either however even the angels wrestled in the Bible.
    And you are not a True TS then you are a a male and as such you can be attacked by a male…
    I didnt make these rules but there are rules and order for a reason.
    Like I said we arent climbing ANY ladders by scaring children and thier Moms.
    And a Dad has FULL rights too protect his family from a Voyeuristic autogynaphlliac. with Force if need be. Use your heads folks
    And No I am a female TS (MTF) Intelligent warfare, Not by scaring the masses We can win rights but only if INTREGRATE into society,
    And going around half done is NOT intregration, its rebel rousing and starting trouble. Thats my point…

  16. LOl someone speaking the way it is.
    I am not a troll nor am I a troll.
    I live ,in Illinois I am very real and in the flesh…
    Try again to those whom I presume are those very same Devaints/Not true Transexuals in which I am reffering too.
    Its not me you need to impress its society///general population that wee need to prove purselves too. THen these lawsuits will be unheard of as folks will be use too us. Listen and and learn or sink us all together.

  17. I too thought that Crista’s words had a very disrespectful tone. But in the U.S., such an attitude actually doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve known people who, while more polite about it, don’t even conceed what Crista is willing to.

    I knew a gay conservative Republican who could not in his good conscience call a trans person by their chosen pronouns, even post-op. Me being more of a liberal social democrat, I told him it was a matter of respectfulness and dignity for other human beings, but he genuinely believed that changing one’s birth gender was immoral and should not be granted legitimacy, even with pronouns like “he” or “she”. I didn’t think it was right of him (traditions are not always right, as most of us may know) and I didn’t think he was being sensitive enough, but I had to respect that it was a real issue of morals for him, and at least he was polite about it and not actually being malicious at all – it was just how he was raised. Though that’s a mantra that only goes so far for so long before it can do real damage, I could not help but respect his thoughtful sincerity even while believing it to be misguided.

    In some deeply, deeply conservative locales, it may still take a great deal of bridge-building to ease skeptical people about LGBT rights and dignity. People in the U.K. take a great deal of rights and protections for granted, when there are still broad swaths of the U.S. where LGBT people have virtually none of these rights, expect perhaps those specifically secured by the Supreme Court. (And parts of the world where they are deliberately deprived of all their rights.) When you’re a gay or lesbian deep within these most conservative of locales, you may want justice and rights no less than anyone else (and we fully deserve them), but once you are able to get over the culture shock, you can come to realize that other people’s culture can be full of baggage that, even in their best intentions, they cannot sift through in a trivial manner. When you treat them with contempt, it can often have the effect of hardening and radicalizing their opposing sentiment. That’s why it’s important to build bridges. Some people will never change their minds, but sometimes people do, and every little bit can help.

  18. Good Point Dermot.
    A trans woman in the US I would especially during the Bush era would hav gladly traded shoes so that I could be a UK citizen.
    Until at a afe in San Francisco I met a man from the Uk whom was Super transphobic. So its evrywhere really. All I know is that we as a group needs to blend in more. Or well be that much easier to destroy.
    I wish it was opposite but Im tired of having my “community” crab us all…
    I still wish I couldve born in the UK though LOL
    MAybe my mindset would be different I dunno.
    Hopeully though President Obama is going to repair our broken nation.
    Much Love to all here…

  19. Crista, on one point I do agree with you, that only by completing SRS can you make a “public” affirmation of your transsexuality. At that point, arguably, you cease to be transsexed and truly accede to your true gender. So, some people say, “I was transsexed, that is suffering from transsexualism, but I’m through that and I’m now a woman”. Hence one of the many paradoxes inherent in being born transsexed, that is that it’s something we wish to cease to be and no longer to be identified with. So, it’s very different from LG people who seemingly mostly wish to affirm being LG (in crude parlance, “I’m here, I’m queer”). I completed SRS years ago and have put it behind me, it was an accident of my genetic make-up, so some would say disapprovingly that I live “in stealth” (tut, tut!). But is there any point in making yourself a martyr by hanging a sign out on your door? I don’t think so, although I do work to help the gender diverse community in other ways through my professional skills. I’m aware that people in the States are perhaps more activist than in Europe, that’s something that in some ways I admire. Another point on which I agree with you is that “true trans” people are harmed by the association with transvestites, cross-dressers, drag queens and the like, none of which has anything to do with transsexualism.

    There is of course a grey area, that of “true trans” people who do not complete transition or SRS because they are in family or personal situations they don’t feel able to get out of. The tricky thing for employers would be in those kinds of situations. I don’t know the answer to that.

  20. I’m from Illinois (US) and want to make it clear that not all of us think the way “Christa” does. I am a (straight)vocal supporter of LGBT rights. I walked with my company in Chicago’s pride parade. I organized a clothing drive for an HIV health center.

    Please do not allow the bias of some to stereotype all of us in the US. I have many, many friends who are also supporters.

  21. Karen, you’re right, if it hadn’t been for vocal activism in the States, the whole movement worldwide to bring equality to gender-diverse people would likely never have taken off. Thank you.

  22. Eagle Ashcroft 19 Aug 2009, 9:25pm


    You evil religious bitch Crista.

    No jobs for people of religious faith unless they can provide a photo of god and letter of acceptance from God.

    Comment by Abi1975 — August 18, 2009 @ 23:23

    I agree with Abil975 that these idiotic religious nuts need a wake up call in reality and take their heads out of the unholy trashy bible as they are all immature childish insecure morons and ought to be required to show proof they are not insane signed on a document from old God him or her self and carry a photo of this imaginary creature in order to get a job. Every person has the right to work in this country without having some disgusting request placed upon them such as bringing a photo of their genitals so some sicko boss can ejaculate on the photo while he decides rather or not to hire some one. God did not create jack sh-t, Mother Nature created everything. So Crista bow your head in prayer to that great goddess Mother Nature and ask her for your forgiveness for being a naughty boy or girl or what ever is your sex (providing you even have one)by belittling the old girl, even if she did create a few freaks called “believers in a god.” The trouble with this country its full of BSer religious nuts who don’t know their a-s from a hole in the ground, yet they can quote from a ridiculous fairy tale book as if they had a degree in science from Yale or Harvard all the time trying to convince the rest of us they are completely right and everyone else is wrong. Well its about time they put their money where their mouth is and show us a photo of their god along with her or his signature and post it on the net.

  23. Francis McButterpants 20 Aug 2009, 2:39am

    Many law suit headlines look frivolous and based on one incident: “Man sues company for insults at water cooler.” However, if you research the case, you’ll find the devil in the details. “The man had been continually insulated by executives over a three year period, even when he asked them to stop.” There are similar details in this case too.

  24. CA_Medicine_Woman 21 Aug 2009, 4:57pm

    While Manpower, Inc. is morally wrong to make such a request, here in the US, transgender rights are a patchwork at best, varying from state to state, and even city to city. Most states have zero protections in place for trans-persons. As such, legally:

    Blatt has no case under federal of state (Pennsylvania) laws, because neither recognizes being transgender as a protected class, and as such there are laws preventing discrimination against trans-persons in housing, employment, education, or health care. While Social Security does recognize gender dysphoria (the officially accepted diagnosis) as a disability, Blatt is excluded, by court precedent, from protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Manpower, Inc. can legally establish whatever criteria they wish when it comes to employing trans-persons, without having to apply such criteria to non-trans-persons (though any standard applied to the latter must be universally applied within that group). An interesting aside: Manpower, Inc. only applies arbitrary standards towards trans-persons to deny them employment, and then only where they are legally allowed to. They do not employ those standards in the 13 states where it is prohibited.

  25. I mean honestly folks dont [sic] want a cheeseburger handled by a shemale. (Comment at 10 by ‘Crista’).

    Why not? A human is a human is a human. Male, female, shemale, hefemme, gay or straight, or any other gender expression, is irrelevent concerning the serving of fast food. Cleanliness is all that matters, not sexual preference.

    Be advised, ‘Crista’ is just a deeply duplicitous version of the Skinner personna attempting to sucker you into his hatreds via a different route.

    Clever, isn’t it!

    Butnot clever enough!

  26. Jean-Paul Bentham 24 Aug 2009, 5:05am

    Crisco…I mean Crista:

    Tu me fais rire.

  27. theotherone 24 Aug 2009, 6:00pm

    Crista is not a fraude – she sounds like alot of people I’ve known on the Trans scene.

    Sadly I think she’s just a bitter, reactionary Trannie.


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