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Survey finds half of US football players have a gay teammate

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Reader comments

  1. So those locker room porno scnes (which I have only heard of you understand) are based on reality? ;-)

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Aug 2009, 2:02pm

    If this is factually true, what does it say about British football players where homophobia is rampant, including their fans? Its considered career suicide if a British footballer comes out, few would want a gay team mate playing alongside them, let alone in the locker room or showers.

  3. …and i wonder what the result of such a survey would be if it was replicated in this country with our soccer teams? Thats of course if they would even allow one in the first place! Why is british football so up tight about who does what with whom? If a serving gay member of the armed forced can get his photo proudly printed on the front cover of the latest Soldier mag, why can’t gay footy players be just as open? Whats the problem?

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Aug 2009, 2:31pm

    John, I put it down to several things a couple of which are poorly educated players and poor upbringing in families who teach their children that we’re not normal, who enjoy using the terminology “queer” or “poof”, derogatory terms of course to dehumanise and denigrate us. It begets one generation to the next, a form of institutionalised homophobia aided and abbetted for millenia by organised religious cults which are at the root of this tradition of homophobia in most societies. Nobody comes into this world hating or discriminating, or religious for that matter, its all learned behaviour by and for straights.

  5. Research by Henry Adams, in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Vol. 105(3), August 1996, pp. 440-445, has found that the most homophobic men were more likely to be aroused by viewing a video of male-male sex.

  6. Its just a survey remember!

  7. This is an example that as gays come out of the Satanistic closet created by churches of Hate in God’s name, they are being accepted as equals by the younger generation.

    A survey even said that 50% of Catholics under 30 support gay marriage (not just CUs).

    In the end, homophobia will mostly end, and the churches of hate will be disgraced. May they preach only to the dust in the pews, and the dust of the departed.

    The preaching being done by the maggots who consume and recycle the bodies of the leaders of those churches.

    And the world will be a better place for ALL

  8. “Survey finds half of US football players have a gay teammate”

    … how many people are there in an american football team?
    This means either:
    – gay people are under-represented in american football; or
    – a lot of people don’t realise they have gay teammates; or
    – both.

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