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Man sentenced to 25 years in jail for killing trans woman

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Reader comments

  1. Pumpkin Pie 18 Aug 2009, 6:57pm

    Manslaughter? After intentionally shooting her with a freaking rifle? What, did he just mean to shoot her gently? I’m always saying we should be open-minded about things like this, but if you SHOOT someone INTENTIONALLY, and then they die, that’s murder.

  2. Not homophobic? And yet he was shouting homophobic abuse at other people, not her? I’m pretty sure that “homophobic slurs intended for other people” are still homophobic slurs! You’re still being homophobic. Whether they were at his intended victim or not.

    And in agreement with the person above, you deliberately shoot someone, and they die, it’s murder. Or rather, it’s murder in any other case than that which deals with a LGBT victim. The justice system needs a complete overhaul.

  3. This is something we can all agree on:
    The perp shoud have gotten life WITHOUT parole!!!
    25 years and he’ll be out in 5 to 10 years.
    He would have gotten more time if he had killed a dog.
    ANd the ONLY reason he killed her his because he thought she was a gay boy and not the woman she actually is.
    BEcause in societies eyes trans arent women just gays gone wild….

  4. The problem with the American justice system is as soon as the citizens of NY elect a right wing governor. The christian lobby will be pushing for a pardon from the governor for this sentence as its within the executive powers to do it.

    justice is a joke in America

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