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Lutheran church to vote on gay clergy

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Reader comments

  1. “There’s no question about the authority of Scripture. But we certainly can debate the interpretation of Scripture. . . . The very idea that questioning someone else’s interpretation of Scripture constitutes an assault on the authority of Scripture is nonsense.” Forgive me but is this not a most enlightened comment from a clergyman since Martin Luther’s nailing his thoughts to the church door???!!!!!

  2. So those who are celibate can minister; those who are sexually active – albeit in a monogamous relationship – cannot…?

    What a load of ckuffing crap!

    What hypocrisy; hypocrisy worthy of the Roman Caholic Church, I would have thought.

    Who’s gonna tell, anyway..?

    The 2a.m. Sex-Check Police?
    Meters on the bed?
    CCTV on the landing to see who goes in whose bedroom and when?
    Dustbin ‘used-Johnny’ count..?
    Mattress-spring stress tests?
    Bed-head ‘bash-against-the-wall-ometers..’…?

    Do us a favour and drop dead, yer daft King Cnuts!

    Talk about ‘avin’ t’ cake and t’ ha’penny!
    That really is scrapin’ t’ barrel…!

    There are double standards and takin’ the piss!

    Why don’t all these poxy, 2-a-penny-‘religions’, now fighting for survival, just not quietly shut their silly traps or better still, their ckuffing front doors, as in both, as in poimanentlee…!

    Ckuff off!



    “….In the last three years, the Anglican Communion has been pushing the Episcopal Church to “restrain” the numbers of gay bishops in order to avoid a split in the Anglican church. No new gay bishops have been consecrated in this time….”

    Luv that!

    “No new gay bishops have been consecrated in this time…”

    Wanna bet?

    And HOW, persackerly, would you KNOW, answer me that….?

    Is the new consecrand (…have I just made that word up, or doth it existeth… never mindeth!! it looketh righteth!)….is he supposed to stand up and affirm,

    “I’m not gay! Consecrate me!”…like..”I’m Virgin! Fly me!”

    No new gay bishops consecrated?

    My arse on toast!

    And I bet no ‘bishops’ are being ‘bashed’ any more an’ all…

    Go tell it to Pope-face pointy-hat and all the other religious ‘bishop-bashers’..!

    None of ’em gets past me; I have ’em sussed in a twink..!



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