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Trans woman performed own surgery after transition delays

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Reader comments

  1. It’s heartbreaking. And it comes during a time when the NHS has come under such heavy fire. I hope she was using pain relief medication during her surgery and I also hope she gets a professional to complete the surgery so she can have a fufilling life. Certainly, if left as is (assuming she merely removed her genetials) her situation could prove quite dangerous.

  2. the treatment given to transpeople on the nhs is not good enough. if any other life-threatening condition was treated like it there would be media campaigns.

    best of luck to her in recovery and treatment.

  3. Please dont do this at home even if desperate. Besides the danger of bleeding to death , infection etc. a successful Gender Reasignment surgery depends on the state and quantity of material available to re-arrange your bits and pieces. Hormone therapy will have to suffice until you get to the sharp end. Unfortunate, but thats the best way.
    I wish here all the best and hope she now gets the help she needs.

  4. utterly appalling that someone should be driven to this stage. Yet gutter press seem to think that we go through transition on a whim and that it’s inappropriate for the NHS to fund treatment for trans people or criticise the setting up of support groups within the public sector

  5. Simon Murphy 18 Aug 2009, 9:44am

    Sad story.

    But what an absolutely thoughtless IDIOT this woman is.

    For starters she could have killed herself.

    Secondly – her poor wife must have nearly collapsed when she was asked to call an ambulance.

    Yes the NHS may be too slow to respond to treatment for trans people but this woman is absolutely deranged.

    Yes there may be reasons for what she did but those reasons aren’t good enough. She risked her own life and put her wife in a horrible situation. Such a lack of regard for anyone but herself.

  6. Surgery waiting times for gender reassignment are a joke on the nhs, but if this story proves anything it’s that the pastoral care given to transgender patients is dire. There is virtually nowhere to turn for professional trans-specific *mental health* help that doesn’t involve paying private fees (unaffordable for many).

  7. simon, shes not deranged. shes desperate. theres a world of difference wven if they seem to overlap on occasion. unless your trans you cant know what its like, please just take the transpeoples word for it. it was desperation caused by the system not treating her as well as people who have other conditions.

  8. You would have to be desperate to cut your own bits off!

  9. I really do feel for her and yes, it is the desperation of waking up every morning and having face a deformity of your body. If you have any other deformity, the NHS will fix it, but the lack of proper trans treatment on the NHS is what makes significant numbers attempt suicide or carry out their own treatment.

    I was fortunate to be able to afford treatment, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here today if I waited for the NHS.

  10. Simon, if you’d known the despair that comes from being trans, you wouldn’t have written that. If there’s a lack of regard in this story, it’s that of the medical and gender therapy systems to trans people.

  11. The system in place currently is so messed up that people can feel no choice but to do painful and dangerous things to themselves. This woman is not deranged, she’s just spent 57 years living between a very large rock and a very hard place.

    All the same, to anybody reading this who might be considering this: don’t. We’re all in this together. If we challenge the NHS today on the issues we face right now, then the kids coming up won’t have to face the same things tomorrow. That’s the purpose of adults, is it not?

  12. On a far less dramatic level, auto-medication is extremely common among transsexed people, desperate to resolve their situation and constantly facing barriers raised by the gender industry. The gender industry, grown rich on the proceeds of prolonging misery, has much to answer for.

  13. theresa mitchell 20 Aug 2009, 11:07pm

    I transitioned in ’01, and tried to get my employer to allow my health insurer to perform GRS–they refused. I pointed out that such discrimination is illegal in Portland OR (USA), and they scoffed at the law. I castrated myself in ’07.

  14. Kay from New Zealand 24 Aug 2009, 11:32am

    Hijra of India have traditionally done this for centuries.

  15. The report shows great ignorance of UK gender clinic processes, which belies the site’s claim to be LGB and T news. There is no NHS gender clinic in Manchester. Any that she visited in 2005 would have been private and no help towards obtaining NHS surgery. It was very likely the rip-off Transformations retail outlet, which does not sell effective hormones (since no prescription is required). That would mark this woman as having been rather foolish and easily misled, and so not help with later NHS assesment.

    If she had instead approached the NHS at that time, taking advice from online support groups, she might, by now, have had NHS surgery. Although living in Wales, where funding was very restricted until recently due to extreme prejudice in the NHS, might have delayed matters (since April 2008 it is illegal to discriminate in the provision of health services against anyone intending to undergo sex reassignment, but the news has spread very slowly, with little official assistance).

    There was, of course, no law to stop patients moving to better places, and many have had to do that. Its far preferable to self-surgery.

    However, since even the best gender clinics in England require two years Real Life Experience (RLE) – a completely, false description since it is impossible to experience life as a female whilst ones body has a penis attached – before approval for surgery (the international guideline, the requirement in Scotland and by the same psychs for their private patients in England being one year, with 6 months in exceptional circumstances in some other countries), and she hasn’t started what they would recognise as that if she has not yet changed her name or started wearing female clothes, and the largest clinic, at Charing Cross, then adds a wait to consult a surgeon, and then the surgical waiting list (each only a few months now, but it adds up, whilst some other clinics allow the periods to run in parallel so one can expect surgery soon after the end of the two years RLE), I doubt she was two years from professional surgery. And the blame would really be on the Welsh NHS, the deceptive, money-sucking Transformation, and herself. However, since male-to-female transsexual people are usually amongst the least confident and assertive people around, which is fully exploited against them by the NHS, whose job it is to help those with medical problems, mostly it rests on the NHS.

    But the state of NHS care for such as her to some extent comes down to the total and abject failure of the two main groups that advise the NHS on trans issues (Press for Change and Gender Trust), in their ignorance, self-promotion, and emphasis upon those who do not need genital surgery, to do anything effective about the situation of such patients for many years now. Thus we see self-castration and suicides because the nature of the condition is that the disparity between mind and body becomes desperately unbearable at some point, earlier, or later. Or, for those with access to money, or credit, the highest percentage of private treatment of any medical condition in the UK.

    Incidentally, the Hijra of India and Pakistan, who live in “families”, perform their traditional (but primitive) procedure upon each other, consensually, using knowledge and skills passed down over more than 1,500 years, including extensive care afterwards. It isn’t a solitary soul doing it to them self in desperation. And whilst Hijra do not have an NHS ambulance on call, neither do they face either the fear of possible mental ward incarceration for doing what doctors have failed to do in time, or a press pack.

  16. I began my transition in 2005, and real life test/experience as psychs call it the following year. Whilst surgery is expected next year sometime (2010), that will be 4 years plus into my rlt. If UK psychs referred t women for genital laser or electrolysis after first opinion, then surgery would take place much sooner, if the time difference between foirst opinion, second opinion and a meeting with the surgeon were shorter then surgery would occur sooner.

    There is no definitive standards of care here in the UK, as it seems some are put through the system within 18 months – 2 years, then again I know of some girls who have been refused nhs treatmnt.

    This government sadly operates a postcode lottery, which effectively means what healthcare you receive, is largely down to where you live and the attitude towards GID people of the fund managers of primary care trusts.

    This girl did take a huge risk with her life, and whilst I reiterate the sentiments given that people should not attempt DIY GRS, i and no-one else can truly know how she felt and what she was going through.

    If this government or the next scrapped the postcode lottery, not just for GID patients but cancer, eye surgery, etc etc, then perhaps horror stories like this one will never occur again.

    At least she is still alive, i am glad she is, i wish her all the luck in the world.

  17. ScottJames 17 Jun 2011, 8:43am

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