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Street preacher takes legal action after claiming he was threatened with arrest

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 17 Aug 2009, 4:38pm

    Typical religious bigotry.

    Seriously – what positive purpose do these deranged cults serve in modern Britain.

    Religion is truly sick and evil.

  2. These are the same people who would have been burning witches at the stake a few hundred years ago.

    The police were right to take action against these warped, twisted sky-fairy bigots.

  3. I dunno, I thought Jesus said that if you’re being used and abused in his name, to rejoice. I don’t recall him suggesting legal action or pissing, whining, and moaning about being mistreated.

    What happened to turn the other cheek?

  4. Its people like these 2 who cause more homophobia in society

    Yes everyone has a right to express their dislike of others but not in a way that incites hatred against someone else

    I am a catholic and I support gay rights yes I believe what I believe but I DO NOT support using religion to attack other people thats wrong

    I am proud to support gay rights I am not ashammed of doing so

    These 2 are the typical bible bashing protestants who think they can force their hardline views on others ITS WRONG!

    The law should be firmer on this issue


  5. Vincent Poffley 17 Aug 2009, 5:33pm

    Whenever I see one of these odious scum in the streets I make a point of heckling them until they stop or buying a cup of fizzy drink and throwing it all over them. These poor excuses for human beings need to be shown, repeatedly, that their anti-human bronze-age nonsense has no place in a civilized society.

  6. How awful for him, he wasn’t allowed preach discrimination and hate in the name of Jesus…. what’s the world coming to when a god-fearing Christian can’t go out into the street and advocate an innocent section of society persecuted for no reason. What’s next, preventing people murdering Jews and black people?

    Oh, the shame of it! Tut Tut.

  7. why it this prats never go and do something a little productive in the community in the name of Jesus? Can they not help old people (mind you god help[ the oap should he be gay), the homeless the list is extensive. They are obsessed with gay men

  8. We are also free to goto his church and have a kiss in next Sunday

  9. If he wants to hand out nonsense from the bible – then we should also be free to deface and shred the bible in public. Actually I’d rather he were not prosecuted, so we can do exactly that, with the full protection of the law. Now, if the Christian Legal Centre will also protect us in exercising our freedom of conscience, I will support them in theirs.

    Sounds fair deal, doesn’t it?

  10. Stuart Neyton 17 Aug 2009, 9:34pm

    Are there any photos of these two? If they’re regular street preachers i’m sure some of us would recognise them. It’s normally Market Street, which is full of people who chose to be religious slamming their agenda down our throats.

  11. #10 STUART NEYTON.

    It’s the same two loo-looz, STUART, Daddy Loo-Loo Bible-Basher and his son, Bible-Thumper Loo-Loo Junior, who, b.t.w., always looks like a good meal’d kill him, so pasty and po-faced is he.

    He really needs to get a life; a shame really ‘cos he’s only a kid.

    Usually they are half way up Market St. but on Sats, they migrate to St. Ann’s Sq. because no street-music is allowed there, in the Sq. and at weekend, Market St. has a full complement in one form or another and so drowns them out.

    I once asked him why, at such a young age, he wasn’t up and out, enjoying life, and never seemed to have a girl, only Dad and ‘The Book’.

    I watched him for a while and in particular, watched where his eyes went, and then told him that he was hiding himself and his feelings – under his Dad and behind his Book – and suggested that he ditched his dour impersonation of JOHN WESLEY, since it was making him old before his time; I suggested that he got himself some Levi’s and took a walk along CANAL ST. with his eyes and mind open.

    I think I was quite a shock to him since I do not think an old man (I am 70) had ever spoken to him like that before; he seems only to ape his rather ancient dad who looks to be about 70 too.

    But as I left him to his Biblical witterings, it was obvious to me that I had touched a nerve and his ‘flow’ didn’t quite flow as it had done preeve.
    He had been sussed and knew it.

    I am not usually wrong; I have been ‘lad’ watching for years and this is just another lad to me.
    I’d like to do the same, exactly the same, with Jozef Ratzinger. but I think I would be ‘overcome’ with all those yummy Swiss Guards.

    But that one is just such another; a bit more style and acres of lace and a private plane but the same chocs nonetheless… just a different box.


  12. ?????????? 18 Aug 2009, 1:01am

    lets hope this cu*nt fails in his satanic conquests

  13. What would they do if one day we turned up and started handing out flyers and reciting poems promoting gayness?

    To feel her breath on my breast
    her satin skin upon mine
    she tastes just like a fine wine
    her body is intermingled with mine
    unlike the hetros we last all night
    tonight I am her God and she is mine
    By Abi1975 untitled

  14. I am pleased the police acted in this way; they could not have got away (nor should they) with racial or sexual abuse so why be allowed to pick on us! welldone GMP!!

  15. the best way to deal with these “haters” is for lots of gay people to stand around as if listening, then start a kiss-in surrounding them. Love conquers all. hatred destroys from within. see how relaxed and none threatening when faced with what they hate and fear.

  16. Christian Legal Centre or no, this will get absolutely nowhere. Police are called out following complaints from the public. They talk to the two and say they are free to preach but tell them that offensive behaviour is unacceptable. They come nowhere near an arrest. There is absolutely no case for the police to answer.

  17. If it is an offence to publicly read aloud the Bible, then surely the Bible should be banned. Oh right – we’re not Germany and can be big enough to withstand some little Street Preacher reading from his faithbook.

    This country is turning into a police state, where everyone is recorded on CCTV, your car journeys logged for 5 years, and free speech has limits.

    All speech should be protected, no matter how odious.

    Move him along for disturbing the peace if he’s causing such a commotion, otherwise let him be.

  18. Well, let him be and argue back!

    Calling in the cops is like running to mummy and daddy saying the big nasty Christian said mean words :P

  19. I agree with Verde2… let him rant. The more fools that preach hate in public the more decent civilised people will reject it.

    The last time a priest tried this in Ireland, people walked out of the church.

  20. Why was he just threatened?? He should be locked up with all the other religious freaks who use religion as an excuse to spout hatred.

  21. @will I respectfully say SHOVE YOUR BIBLE UP YOUR CAVERNOUS ARSE

    Nice to finally see the bigoted twisted evil Christian nutjobs getting the treatment they deserve. their out of date evil nonsense should be banned in public places and only be allowed in private over the age of 21 behind locked doors and windows with no more then two people present.

  22. Verde2 is right of course. In Matthew 5:11, the supposed Jesus of Nazareth reportedly warned his followers they should expect ridicule, and hatred, because people would think his ideas (loving enemies, giving possessions away, not thinking of tomorrow, claiming to be on intimate terms with God’s mind on sleeping arrangements and other nutty nonsense) to be ridiculous. That may be harsh on a lot of well meaning Christians, but for placard-waving fanatics like Hayworth, it’s a moral obligation for poeple to tell him what they think of him. Marching him off the street takes away my right to do just that. He does not deserve such protection, at taxpayers’ expense to-boot.

    Christian street preachers fill a gap in the market created when we got rid of the stocks. Mocking and making fun of them should be a national sport.

  23. Pumpkin Pie 22 Aug 2009, 4:23am

    All speech should be protected, no matter how odious.

    And what about all those stories we keep hearing on this very site about kids committing suicide due to verbal bullying? Should we protect the “free speech” of these bullies? And don’t kid yourself about violence being the thing we need to watch out for – psychological trauma is what causes these suicides.

    Sure, it’s a bit of a reductio ad absurdum to say “if we have to protect all speech, then we can’t stop bullies in schools”, but it’s pretty much true. Hate speech should never be tolerated. Let’s not forget the final article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:-

    Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

    That is, a supposed right that denies the rights of others is not really a right – that would be a contradiction. These men are quite clearly engaging in hate speech. Sure, we can’t police their thoughts, but those in the legal system make judgements about people’s intentions every day of their lives (“manslaughter or murder?” springs to mind).

    People are already not allowed to say these things about the colour of someone’s skin, yet I don’t see the gestapo hauling people into vans, do you? Are they going to start when sexuality gets the same protections? Is that going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

    The government have indeed turned this country into something of a police state, with political commentators being arrested on terrorism charges and indefinite sentences keeping petty offenders locked up longer than they deserve. Giving a Masonic institute like the police more powers instead of more funding was a very bad idea indeed.

    Still, none of that has any bearing on the fact that hate speach should never be tolerated or protected. Not in a police state, not in a utopia, not in a stylistic re-imagining of the roaring 20s where robots walk among us – not anywhere.

    Hate speech is a mockery of free speech.

  24. PumpkinPie – then if you are going to ban people preaching anti-gay verses in the street, you will also have to ban retailers selling them. or churches from owning them….

  25. Pumpkin Pie 22 Aug 2009, 10:51pm

    That would be a solution to the problem of religion, wouldn’t it? ;) Haha, I kid. Religion does a lot of damage, but I know some very lovely religious people, so it’s not all bad.

    Anyway, the point was their intent. Nobody stands around saying “we thought you might like to know what this paragraph we picked out of a book at random says, and we have no ulterior motive for wanting you to know this information”. I think we all know why these creeps were reading out these particular passages, and THAT is what I think should be stamped out. Fair enough that we should be cautious not to misjudge people on flimsy evidence, but this situation is as clear as day.

  26. Dave North 23 Aug 2009, 7:47am

    As an adjunct.

    I watched a horrific Actionade charity advert the other day.

    All about “POOR SHEILA” has to walk 2 miles to get water and she is 9.

    The charity ( ActionAid) stated that this instance was in Bangalore, India.

    Well, perhaps if that Indian govt. stopped propping itself up with other countries cash, it could afford to keep its own populace.

  27. On a related note our usual fundie trolls are conspicuous by their absence this week. I haven’t seen a single thread in the last 5 days that’s run to more than 100 posts, which is their usual calling card. Are we to assume that they’ve given up, or that they’re all on holiday this week with their sock puppets or have they been blocked en-masse?
    I have mixed feelings about that… They can be fun to debate with until you realise you’ve been banging your head against the same brick wall for 100 posts without making any progress…
    That and the freedom of speech thing is a bit of an ethical grey area.
    Oh well, I’m sure they can still slag us off to high heaven on their own blogs!

  28. Eagle Ashcroft 24 Aug 2009, 11:19pm

    These homophobic morons are more than likely as not gay themselves otherwise why should it bother them? There are other things they should be concerned about, such as; illegal drugs, gangs, war, unwanted and homeless children, child abusers, wife beaters, teenage drinking, bank robbers, burglars,rapist, murderers, government corruption, over weight people, the homeless and terrorists, not gay persons who for the most part are productive law abiding people and would take the shirt off their back to help some one. These two religious nuts ought to be locked up in a loony bin as they are two worthless crazed lunatics who are just out spewing hatred and stirring up violence against minorities not unlike Hitler did against the Jews. The cops were just doing their job to keep the nasty affair from turning into a riot or a crime of battery against gay people.

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