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Soap star: ‘Coronation Street needs more gay characters’

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Reader comments

  1. By ‘gay’ I hope he means gay women too.

  2. How about some more gays who aren’t camp as Christmas? I’ve personally known 2 builders from Liverpool who were gay (or at least bi-curious). There are many of us who feel totally unrepresented by characters such as Sean.

  3. Brian Burton 15 Aug 2009, 7:07am

    TV always mis-represents Gay men and woman. They make them look too prissy, too sleezy and just not right somehow. Ofcourse, gays have an emotional desire for beauty and why not? Success is a science if you can create the conditions.

  4. Hello Stonewall – 10 per cent of the world’s population is gay, please update your files- thank you. More gays in Coronation street? Ok. The more gays we have in the public eye the more the public will get used to us and maybe full acceptance and full gay rights will follow. Coronation Street has a huge audience.

  5. jamestoronto 15 Aug 2009, 9:55pm

    Not a big fan of Coronation Street. But I do catch it about once a month on CBC in Canada and it is always straight, straight, straight.

    From other networks and shows:

    I was totally into the Hollyoaks story of John Paul and his lovers.
    I have watched every episode of Torchwood

    British TV knows how to air gay characters and scenarios.
    c’mon Coronation Street

  6. By ‘Gay’, I hope he means straight acting, ordinary blokes that don’t mince about like fucking fairies.

  7. Another, more acceptable, way of increasing the gay presence on the programme is to have less Coronation Street :-)

  8. This guy is camper than John Inman,Dale Winton and Kenneth Williams put together. He’s total pantomime. The trouble is that the public think thats what we are all like.

    He does us no favours.

  9. @RobN:

    Why do you have to attack members of your own community with derogatory language to make your point?

  10. Sammy: Because a) The “community” is a myth, it is merely a collection of selfish individuals that happen to all be going in the same direction; and b) “I would never join a club that would have me as a member”.

  11. @ Rich – there is no definitive research (and it would be pretty hard to do) on how many of the world’s population define themselves as lesbian or gay, so Stonewall’s estimate can’t simply be dismissed with your assertion that “10 per cent of the world’s population is gay”.

    Coronation Street has an excellent gay writer, in the form of Jonathan Harvey, so I’m sure he makes every effort to include gay role models. But there shouldn’t be gay characters for the sake of it. You have to take into account that Coronation Street portrays a working-class suburb of Manchester – it may be entirely unrepresentative to have 7 gay characters.

    We need more role models everywhere, in regular situations. One thing Coronation Street must be congratulated for is the first soap inclusion of a transgender character!

  12. I used to watch Corry years ago; you diodnt have any gay characters then but you had Bet Lynch, Earing Queen and Empress of the Rovers (camp or what!!!) Elsie Tanner (need I say more!) Mavis “oh Rita!” and before that the late Great Ena Sharples and her crew. (oh and don’t forget Racquel camper than a Volkswagen full of ,monkeys!!!)

  13. Sean is lovely and cuddly and Mums all over the UK adore him – but, bless him, Sean is very camp and OTT, whilst his previous partner – “My Marcus” was cute without the noticable gay characteristics.The point is that as it takes all sorts to make a world, let’s have more gay characters who are not so stereo-typical, thus Joe Public will eventually accept the fact that not all gays are Seans.
    Wouldnt it be good for Kevin and Jason to have a ding-dong?
    Te hee, te hee!

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