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Boy hit with homophobic slurs from teachers

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Reader comments

  1. “An investigation found that Diane Cleveland and Walter Filson repeatedly made derogatory remarks about the boy’s perceived sexual orientation in class and allowed other students to make similar comments.”

    What absolutely horrible poor excuses for teachers they are. The fact the have not been sacked and barred from teaching shows just how complicit the school are in this. this is a hate crime and should be prosecuted as such.

    25k frankly is not anyway near enough compensation for the damage the could of done to this child.

  2. This is disgusting. These folks are nothing but cowards. I’m shocked that a woman would engage in such behaviour.

  3. And here’s me, thinking all along that a teacher’s job was to teach; to ‘educate’

    How could I have been so stupid.


  4. Pumpkin Pie 13 Aug 2009, 10:11pm

    Yep, I would most definitely agree with this being a hate crime. Both teachers should be sacked and banned from teaching for life. Those in charge of the school should have been relieved of their duties, too. Letting teachers bully pupils shows massive incompetence.

    All of them are delinquent thugs who should have been taught a very harsh lesson.

  5. They are still working and the boy has had to travel 25 miles to another school. who’s being punished here?

  6. @Abi1975 I agree with you. There was no need for those teachers to have done what they did to the student. It is irresponsible, disgusting and unacceptable behaviour.
    @zae There are lot of homophobic and anti-gay females – a lot

  7. Better still transfer these two so called teachers to some tough “project” school in an inner city and see how they survive it(!)

  8. I am appalled that these ‘teachers’ are still in jobs. Surely something can be done?

  9. I tried to send a message to the A-H website
    Oddly, it’s down for maintenance today – I suppose that my comment that the child should remain in place and the teachers moved will have to wait until Monday?

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland and Filson are ‘god-fearing Christians, probably born-again, who devoutly belief that they are doing the work of their vengeful god!

    That they have not been sacked will be surprising to those who are ignorant of the depths and degree of pernicious homophobia that lurks everywhere in shadows and small minds – until some attack, murder or suicide attempt makes the headlines.

    I wonder how many who claim to be incensed, outraged, horrified, disgusted and otherwise affronted, call their local radio, write to the local press, contribute to gar Rights groups, call local gay agencies and offer support, or march in line at Gay Pride events? Yes, I know that YOU do, but who knows?

    Cowardice is common; we are all capable of staying silent on something until we are offended, and every one of us has and will keep our heads down when the bullies walk the streets. Not least many of the people – homo or hetero – in offices, classrooms, changing rooms, board rooms or closets, who do not want to risk the viciousness of the sadistic bullies and bigots who are ready to torment, torture and terrorise any one whom they think is in some way less than.

    Sure, a teacher’s job is to teach, but teachers are, after all, only human. That does not stop them being small-mined, cold-hearted, phobics with shrivelled souls who think the cost of a ticket to Heaven involves cruelty, hatred and venom – a price they are more than willing to pay.
    Ditto with women. To be shocked that a woman can engage in such behaviour is a bit like being surprised that black people can be racist.
    People do what people do, some of wonderful and some of it wicked. Good people do bad things at times, and bad people do good things, too.

    We may claim the moral high ground when we are hate the hateful, when we attack the attackers, when we want nasty, vile and wicked people to be made to suffer. However, if they say “S/he is ungodly, so let’s make hir suffer!” Then we tell ourselves, “They act badly, so let’s do worse!” How are different?

    Keith asked how he could have been so stupid. Well, one of the ways we can be stupid is to CHOOSE not to dialogue with people from both sides of an argument. Do a little research, step out of our comfort zone, read publications that offer another perspective, challenge friends, family and colleagues who spout their poison.

    Pumpkin Pie says that letting teachers bully pupils shows massive incompetence. Sadly, no, it does not. Sure, like all bullies, they might be inadequate people who need to cut other people’s legs off to make themselves feel tall, but it shows that the people in charge collude with bullying and, in this case, homophobia. It shows that hatred still prevails, regardless of (or even because of) lip service paid to political correctness. And, by the way, homosexual colleagues as much as students, are bullied or afraid of being vilified.

    Rich says the ignorant assaults by Filson and Cleveland were unacceptable behaviour. To you, yes, and to me, and to many people, but not to every one, and increasing numbers of people fell, think and discover that, actually, they can get away with it! They will not be punished, not really, maybe an insignificant punishment, a public display of ‘right-on-ness’ to get the easily offended to shut up, even an inquiry, or maybe a token dismissal. These are symptomatic solutions, though. The underlying causes, the fundamental problems remain unacknowledged, unaddressed, unresolved.

  11. That was a bit of rant, wasn’t it?

    And, whoops, some typos:

    devoutly beleif [believe] that they are doing the work of their vengeful god

    contribute to gar [gay] Rights groups {I’m totally against gars!} ;~)

    some of [it] wonderful and some of it wicked

    increasing numbers of people fell [feel], think and discover that, actually, they can get away with it!

  12. Har Davids 14 Aug 2009, 7:02pm

    So, just because some people thought it fun to make some kid’s life miserable, that kid has to go to a school which is 25 miles away? A financial settlement is nice, but this seems way to easy for these ‘teachers’.


    Just in case the main site is still down for maintenance.

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