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Anti-homophobia campaign makes use of high school stereotypes

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Reader comments

  1. William Jones 13 Aug 2009, 3:43pm

    Idiotic campaign. People have never regarded being a jock, cheerleader or gamer-guy (whatever a gamer guy is) as being a bad thing. People (and especially teenagers) have always been quite homophobic which is why ‘That’s so gay’ is such a popular comment.

    If they wanted this to be more effective they should run a campaign with posters such as ‘That’s so black’ or ‘That’s so white’ or ‘That’s so christian’ or ‘That’s so jewish’ or ‘That’s so female’ or ‘That’s so disabled’ or ‘That’s so obese’ (particularly effective in the US where so many teenagers are massive overeaters) to illustrate the hateful effect of the ‘That’s so gay’ comments on gay teenagers.

  2. Pumpkin Pie 13 Aug 2009, 3:46pm

    ‘That’s so disabled’

    Unfortunately, in America even more so than here, “retarded” is still used as a pejorative. That needs its own bloody campaign, too.

  3. Of course, there are some people that miss the point. It’s not fighting stereotypes with stereotypes, or insulting people because you get insulted; it’s saying, “Yeah, you’d never say this because it’s a stupid/hurtful thing to say; ‘that’s so gay’ is the same thing.” Probably could’ve been done more effectively, but the concept can work; we’ve used it sometimes in my own high school when talking with kids who don’t get why using gay as an insult is offensive.

  4. Hahah! Gaming community. Well, last time I checked they never leave their damn houses so I doubt it’s a community. We seriously need to stop putting gaming on a pedestal. It’s a community, and apparently, an art form. To which god do we give praise for it?

  5. “Yeah, because we all know fighting stereotypes with stereotypes is the best choice of action….This campaign is idiotic. Insulting others because you get insulted never leads to any good.”

    Learn satire you clinically moronic idiot! Christ… did someone miss the point or what?

  6. Completely agree with you John. Clearly Triplett is an idiot.

  7. Vincent Poffley 13 Aug 2009, 6:11pm

    Hey! No fair! I’m gay AND I’ve got more video games than friends…

  8. “Oh, that’s so sexist, homophobic, racist, pig-shit-thick nigger gorilla with a gun.”

    Maybe that might hit a nerve.

  9. Unfortunately, in America even more so than here, “retarded” is still used as a pejorative. That needs its own bloody campaign, too.[2]

  10. Two wrongs never made a right but I think the campaign is good because the American mentality is shallow and fragile at the best of times. For example you can get a high school pass and good qualifications if you just play American football in high school. American society overreacts to everything. They use hyperbole for even the smallest of things. So a tit for tat campaign could well work over there. It would be laughed at in England or in Europe because we have different priorities and by and large people here are deeper because of our long history. America is only 260 or 270 years old so there is not a lot of depth there yet. Even though it might sound puerile it could work with the American teenage mentality. It will be interesting to see how it works, if it works.
    @Vincent Poffley Aaaah that’s ok – we love you. I am gay and I love being gay.

  11. I’m with you Vincent!!!! desperately waiting for Bioshock 2 to come out!!

  12. Naja Hannah 17 Aug 2009, 5:12am

    These annoying ads seem almost comical. They air them at 4 in the morning on Comedy Central, where they come across as those fake SNL commercials. I am sick of campaigns against word usage. Like people stopped cursing because of mouthfuls of soap. Like the n-word will ever be eradicated. Words only have power against the insecure and the addle-pated. If the c-word incenses a woman, it is probably because she is most likely a “c”. Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes need to get back to sucking at what they do for day jobs and leave the PSAs to convicted celebrities and athletes.

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