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19,000 people sign petition not to jail gay Israeli man

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  1. Brian Burton 13 Aug 2009, 5:46pm

    Local Jewish Politics, we should stay out of it, even if bad Law is the Law in Isreal.

  2. Why should we stay out of it?
    The “Israeli State / “Occupiers of Palestine” (take your pick) will do just as it likes.
    There is no moral compass anymore to what is done in the name of Judaism.
    So I would have little hope for Ezra Nawi, he has probably been a pain in the ass to the “State Authorities” and this will be the excuse to get rid of him.

  3. Israel is as a country the same as any other and if one gay man is making a point then good on him. If he is a pain to the state well good too. Maybe the state might change (although I doubt it – but he can try) He is setting himself up as an icon or martyr to draw attention to problem areas. Yes ok you could say there is enough attention, already. I don’t think he is doing anything seriously wrong. Maybe I am wrong.

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