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US columnist suggests using attack dogs to stop gay cruising

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  1. theotherone 12 Aug 2009, 11:39am

    an atempt to be funny but not a verry funny one.

    Surely the real horsesbottoms in beauty spots are loud drunks who spoil the solitude.

  2. Why do gay people belong in Atlanta? I’ve never even been there. If that’s really where I belong, I feel like I should at least make a point to go visit.

  3. And while we’re at it, Dick Yarbrough can suggest we put the Jews in a concentration camp, and round up any one that doesn’t agree with him

    He has the right first name, anyway.

  4. Why is it that gay men think they can fuck in public spaces? I wonder when we will all take a deep breath and admit we have some self esteem and boundary issues that we dont want to speak about… its so depressing

  5. Wolf: it’s worth bearing in mind that many of those men who, as you say, fuck in public spaces are not men who identify themselves as gay; or maybe only have ‘self-esteem issues’ to the extent they can’t be openly gay for a variety of reasons.

  6. “I wonder when we will all take a deep breath and admit we have some self esteem and boundary issues”

    Speak for yourself, I have no self esteem issues. Just because a few married men cruse for sex with men behind their wife’s back, don’t label all gay people with “self esteem issue”.

  7. theotherone 12 Aug 2009, 1:47pm

    I’m a Lesbian with Self Esteem Issues – I’ve got to much.

    I’m more beautiful than you, more intelegent and far more Queer.

    Give it up. ;-)

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Aug 2009, 1:53pm

    Valerio, Atlanta is a the gay mecca of conservative, redneck Georgia. I don’t travel to any “red” states, I won’t help their economies while they discriminate against my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters. There are no equality rights for gay people in that state and a ban on same-sex marriage remains in effect.

    Odd that this bigoted columnist doesn’t go after the John’s who frequent straight female hookers on the side. Though I don’t condone public sexual acts of either orientation, this columnist has obviously nothing better to do. Or could it be he is sexually prurient, repressed or just plain curious about gay sex to put it in print? Many homophobes are in denial and conflict about their own orientation and I’ve no doubt so does this moron.

  9. Brian Burton 12 Aug 2009, 2:17pm

    Dose this Loopy columnist want the cruising Gays to have sex with Dogs…How Odd??? Four and twenty Virgins off to Inverness, when they arrived there was four and Twenty Less. Singing Balls to your Partners Arses to the Wall. If you never get Fucked on a saturday night, you’ll never get Fucked at all!

  10. Sounds like a fab idea to me. Get a few old pervs with their pants down out of the bushes.

  11. chances are, the first person to have his balls chewed by the dogs will be the author who wrote the article :)

  12. ‘Just because a few married men cruse for sex with men behind their wife’s back, don’t label all gay people with “self esteem issues”‘

    How do you know it’s married men? There seems to be whole websites set up to show gay men where to have sex in public. I have known loads of gay friends who do this, none of whom are closeted or married. I just think we need a discussion about why when there are saunas and gaydar, we think it’s OK to do this. Clearly, part of the problem is we’re ultra defensive and scared of having the light shone on us. understandable but we need to do this..

  13. Pumpkin Pie 13 Aug 2009, 12:25am

    What exactly is your angle, Wolf? Tell us, why do you have self esteem and boundary issues? Why are you ultra-defensive? You asked the question that you want us as a whole to answer, so it’s only fair you should lead by example.

    If your answer is “I don’t have any of these problems”, then what makes you think you’re so fucking special? I don’t have them, either. Neither do the vast majority of people here. You have gay friends who like to cruise? I don’t know any who like to cruise. Why should we take my word for it? Why should we take your word for it? If you want, you can set up a little poll: instead of telling everyone what the gay scene is like, why not try asking them? You might find that others have had wildly different experiences to you.

    As for this moronic columnist, what are we going to do about all the people bringing dogs into parks? His “solution” just makes things worse. I HATE PEOPLE WHO TAKE THEIR BLOODY DOGS INTO PARKS AND LET THEM CRAP EVERYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong, I do love dogs, but if given the choice, I’d rather go to a park with “dogs forbidden” signs. If we trained these miraculous attack dogs to turn on their owners, it would save a lot of hassle.

  14. It has been proven time and time again that the loudest of the homophobes are either gay, or have gay children. Seems to me the last time dogs were put onto people was in neighboring Alabama, when the police with their dogs etc attacked civil rights marchers.

    BTw, the nut case Ms Kerns,an Oklahoma legislator who said “gays will destroy humanity”. Well her husband is a Southern Baptist minister. That is the church that was set up to be the bedrock of slavery, and was the bedrock of its progeny, segregation. And GUESS WHAT – THE BITCH IS IN THE CLOSET HERSELF – FOR HER GUILT FROM HER MINISTER HUSBAND AND HER CORRUPT CHURCH HAPPENS TO BE THAT THEY HAVE A GAY SON. God sent her a message and she corrupted it totally.

    For her, the pearly gates will not open. Instead the trap door in front of those pearly gates will open. Depositing this person straight down to God’s own re-education camp.

  15. Brian Burton 13 Aug 2009, 6:55am

    I still do’nt agree having sex with dogs..It’s cruel!

  16. If people want to have sex outdoors then let them – just designate areas for it and then anyone who goes to that area is going to know what they have let themselves in for seeing.

    And if you don’t agree with people having sex in public then stop it – not just the gays (closeted or not) but the str8s too sho go out dogging!

    Hang on, maybe thats where Dick got the idea from – maybe he goes out dogging . . . .

  17. And if there any incidents of dogs attacking people in Georgia in cruising spots, I hope they charge this idiot with incitement to violence.

  18. Even your parent knew from the moment you were born you were a ‘dick’ and you have proved them right.

    Its just like our Richard Littlejhon – what is with these columnist who are obsessed with gay men?


  19. So it OK for straights to have sex in public, but we gay men and lesbians can not;

    Well I got news for you – I will start organising a petition to legalize gay sex in ALL public places who is with me!!!!?????

  20. Why is it that straight men think they can fuck in public spaces? I wonder when we will all take a deep breath and admit we have some self esteem and boundary issues that we dont want to speak about… its so depressing.


    1. Not all gay men have sex in public or saunas or toilets

    2. Straight people also have sex in public – it’s affectionately called ‘dogging’

    3. There are whole websites set up, just to advise straight people where to go ‘dogging’.

    Sex in public is not a gay thing, exactly the same happens in the straight world.

  21. Brian, the words are;

    Four and twenty virgins went up to inverness, when they came back from inverness there were four and twenty less, Singing.. balls to your partner, arse against the wall, if you dinnae get shagged on saturday night you’ll never get shagged at all.

  22. J Mathews: “Dogging” is a relatively recent innovation. (Like 20 at most) – Gay men have been secretly shagging in the bushes for hundreds of years. I just think it’s about time they recognised the times are a’changing, and try more conventional methods to obtain some cock.

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