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Openly gay Tory MP Alan Duncan apologises for complaining about expenses

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 12 Aug 2009, 1:55pm

    Of course he apologises for being found out again the Conservative Prat! (Give me Streangth!!)

  2. Simon Murphy 12 Aug 2009, 2:02pm

    MP’s are not treated like shit – only the thieving ones.

    Alan Duncan is a thief. There is no other reason or explanation for claiming £1000 for gardening expenses. The condition of his garden is not relevant to his ability to do his job.

    Then again honesty and decency should not be expected from a gay Tory. I mean I’ve not heard his opinions on the fact that his chosen party is linked to homophobic, Polish facists.

    Does Duncan have any honour. Oh I forgot – he’s a Tory millionaire. We shouldn;t expect him to represent anyone’s interests but his own.

  3. Who cares that he has apologised…we all know he doesn’t mean it.

    He must go.

  4. Many MPs, not all, abused their positions and stole from the public purse. They set generous rules for themselves (pensions included) and tried to take the piss, seeing themselves as above the law. Some got found out, after they tried their hardest to conceal what they were up to.

    Many will get away scott free – and the public is outraged by their behaviour. If they are treated like S**t, they have no one else to blame but themselves.

    They should try living on Job Seekers allowances – robbing b******s.

  5. Oh. Another Tory. Murphy’s at it again moaning and frantically scribbling irate letters. Sad fucker.

  6. Simon Murphy 13 Aug 2009, 10:03am

    RobN – sad perhaps. But at least not a bitter, very, very old BNP supporter like you are.

  7. I think he’s finished, but, of course, as a minister or former minister (for something, I don’t know), he will end up in the Lords.

    Also, his civil partner looks a wee bit young for him.

    Anyway, all the best.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 13 Aug 2009, 10:31am

    silly man

    fancy trusting someone to keep a private converation private, and foolish enough not to notice the guy was filming him.

    Duncan has a habit of “foot in mouth” – making jokes that som esee as unseemly: it’s not as though he was making policy, and jokes ARE used by some people to lighten tension.

    Whether anybody would ever trust Prowse in light of thisis another matter. I know I wouldn’t…

  9. Mihangel apYrs 13 Aug 2009, 10:36am


    It’s just occured to me: filming in the Palace of Westminster without permission is a criminal offence: it could compromise security.

    Prowse should wait for the knock on the door!

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