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Brighton cruising spot sees rise in homophobic attacks

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Reader comments

  1. Simple answer: Don’t cruise in public areas. It’s not as if Brighton isn’t awash with gay bars and clubs, so there is no excuse for this antiquated, antisocial behaviour.

    If gay men want to be treated like equals, try fucking acting like equals.

  2. Oh so judgemental Rob perhapsd you need to consider WHY some people use cruising grounds and you may not be so quick to attack – there are many ‘heterosexual’ guys who do not identify as ‘gay’ who would never access the scene who cruise for sex – they still have needs!

  3. John (Derbyshire) 13 Aug 2009, 1:44pm

    Whats wrong with cruising? Its “horses for courses” as far as I`m concerned. “Judge not that ye be not judged”! Who is anybody to stand in moral judgement on anyone else? I

  4. Carl: Cruising is an outdated and outmoded method of getting sex. It was only done due to the laws at the time. Times move on, and so should peoples habits. Don’t give me crap about straight guys looking for cock but wanting to remain anonymous. Have you not heard of chat-rooms?

    John: So don’t judge others when they come and kick the crap out of you. Cruising has the same social acceptance as kerb-crawling and dogging. It should be made illegal.

  5. Urm Rob wake up and smell the coffee when has making anything illegal prevented people from taking part – what we going to do next ban sex full stop. If you don’t like cruising, dogging then stay in on your computer but don’t think any LAW will change things!

  6. POS Rob – I don’t like what you do does that give me the right to kick the crap out of you?

  7. Carl: Many people don’t like faggots shagging in their back yards, and so they go out and beat them up. “When has making anything illegal prevented people from taking part?” – Don’t think the LAW will change things.

    If gay men aren’t willing to change their views or lifestyles, why do they always expect other people to? I tell you why: Because they are all selfish, egotistical wankers that think the world revolves around them.

  8. Pumpkin Pie 13 Aug 2009, 10:19pm

    Answer the question, Rob. And why exactly are you a selfish, egotistical wanker, anyway? Were you born that way just because you’re gay?

    And quit with the exaggerations. I don’t all that many people in recorded history have ever been prosecuted for having sex in somebody else’s back garden. If you need to exaggerate to make your points sound more impressive, then why not just put the effort into making more impressive points?

  9. I’ve never understood why Brighton is considered some sort of gay utopia. I never feel comfortable when I’m there, Friday and Saturday nights are truly horrible. The streets are full of drunk chavs vomiting and fighting, and that’s just the women. London is the only place for gay people to live.

  10. Carl, you sound very homophobic, you sure your not one of these people attacking folk at cruising areas because you sound like one!? Point is, wether you agree or disagree with cruising these people ARE homophobes who are deliberately going out of their way to attack gay men doing the thing which defines them as gay. Any normal person is either oblivious or would just ignore it in the same way I just ignore straight couples shagging in open doorways in my town centre. These psycho’s need weeding out. Marcus, I dont think your comfortable with your sexuality, if indeed you really are gay.

  11. SORRY CARL! I Meant ROB!!!!

  12. Reality Check 14 Aug 2009, 9:23am

    R7-Because they are all selfish, egotistical wankers that think the world revolves around them.

    How come the homos themselves can’t see the obvious?

    You should listen to yourselves. Virtually evey comment by a homo on this site is based on the fact that if you don’t fall down and worship the homo agenda your homophobic.

    You are so blinded to reality. To be homophobic is to have a fear of homosexuals and homosexuality. It has nothing at all to do with disagreeing with a homo.

    About 99% of your accusations of homophobia is thrown at someone who disagrees with you. Your evidence that they are afraid of you is non-existent.

    You are so screwed up that you can’t seem to compute that someone who disagrees with you is definitely NOT afraid of you so how about telling the parrot to shut up.

  13. Reality Check: Spot on! I’ve been saying this for months. People accuse me of homophobia and I’m gay anyway! Oh sorry – That’s been expertly diagnosed as “Internalised homophobia and self-hatred”.
    I am not homophobic, I just despise gay men; (and quite a few straight ones, come to think of it.)

    Rubbertoe: “I just ignore straight couples shagging in open doorways in my town centre.”

    Well you’re a fucking moron then, because I wouldn’t allow it.
    You managed to get my name wrong twice, (who the fuck is Marcus?), so I doubt you even read and absorbed my comments in the first place. Twat.

  14. Rob & Reality (sounds like a double act) you dont have to homophobic to find fault with your sexuality. Im just suprised that you can both be so imature over the subject matter. After all if to quote the shagging straights Rob just ignores them and I know why….cos if he tried to intervene in their anti social behaviour they’ed kick the crap out of him – NO? At least he recognises that straigts also have sex outdoors.

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