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Canadian coffee shop backs down over anti-gay marriage support

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Reader comments

  1. Tim Horton’s in Canada, yea. Cleanest T-rooms in every little town, and a real friendly gay staff too, not very well paid, but friendly and oh so gay.

    Great place to meet people and to hang around with a cup of coffee. All the gays are addicted to Tim’s coffee; it’s incredible that Tim’s should back an anti-gay campaign.

    Those backroom catholics have spent millions to prevent same-sex legislation, and what for? The money would have brought so much relief to developing countries who don’t have clean drinking water, let alone Tim Horton’s coffee.

    What a crazy world.

  2. The problem is that the ‘sponsor’ was likely just a franchise owner who made the mistake of agreeing to provide the coffee. THe problem is that T-hos is an international company, with the franchises owned by many different people. Headquarters is desperately trying to cover their behinds for something corporate isn’t to blame for.

  3. “bullied by a vocal minority” what the f**k does he think his little group is – a bullying vocal minority!! Fool.

  4. Brian Burton 11 Aug 2009, 6:06pm

    You ar dead right, a crazy world. The Coffee shop owners should be charged with incitement to promote disorder or something like it. A lawyer should be a help.

  5. “Chris Plante, executive director of NOM’s Rhode Island chapter, said the chain had been “bullied by a vocal minority” and claimed the event was open to all, including gay couples.”
    Yeah, come on everybody, let’s join a protest to undermine our own equal marriage rights!
    What planet does Chris Plante live on again? Is he seriously suggesting gay people would have a fun day out at his homophobic rally? Perhaps while we’re about it we could all sign up for NARTH meetings. The phrase “Turkeys voting for Christmas” springs to mind.

  6. I’ve always said our real power is in our purchasing power…. hit these homophobic businesses that actively campaign against us, sad they’ll see all too quickly how big our “minority” really is.

    Its morally and socially unacceptable to want to discriminate against innocent people, and stupid to think that your business won’t suffer because of it.

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