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Thousands march for gay marriage in Dublin

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Reader comments

  1. 5000? Impressive number for a country where pride consisted of a handful of people back in he early 90’s.

  2. It’s actually really impressive when you think the last protest in May/June had 1,000. It was an amazing atmosphere.

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Aug 2009, 3:43pm

    The increasingly large turnouts to these civil marriage protests (150 in March; 800 in May; 5000 yesterday) is a clear indication that the government has badly miscalculated the feelings of the LGBT community about the issue of relationship equality and that for very large segments of the LGBT population Civil Partnership is inadequate and discriminatory.

    I wonder if they are listening?

    These protests are essential in the absence of an LGBT community group who will speak to the government for the concerns of all the LGBT community on the matter of legal equality for gay relationships.

    When’s the next one?

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Aug 2009, 3:47pm

    Simon, at least our Irish gay brothers and sisters are doing something constructive about it, unlike our mealy-mouthed Stonewall UK that is doing absolutely NOTHING because it considers civil partnerships are enough and claim to speak for the majority of gay Brits whom they alledge do not want the right to marry, which I don’t believe anyway. I’m proud of my gay brothers and sisters in Ireland. The sad part is, civil partnerships will NEVER be the universal standard around the world for gay people and we’re seeing that diminish with seven countries now allowing us to marry, it far outnumbers civil partnerships and that will continue, thankfully.

  5. Robert ex-pat Brit, you need to get your arse back over here and inject your energy into getting the same-sex marriage movement off the ground in the UK!

  6. Simon Murphy 10 Aug 2009, 4:51pm

    Well Robert – Ireland has its own version of Stonewall – namely GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network) who were the ONLY LGBT group the Irish government spoke to when drafting this legislation. GLEN claims to support equality but they have welcomed CP’s as an important ‘stepping stone’ and not uttered a single word of dissent about how CP’s will discriminate against gay parents and their children.

    This despite the fact that the government has stated that Civil Partnerships are the end game and that they have no intention of legislating for equality.

    I think the reason the equality protests are growing so fast is that the LGBT community now realise that unless they speak out themselves then we will not see legislative equality in our lifetimes.

    And even if the CP’s go through at least the government (and GLEN)is not able to pretend that there is universal support for CP’s.

    The important thing about the protests is that it sends a clear message to the government (andf those LBGT groups who claim to speak on our behalf) that half measures are wrong.

  7. Simon, what’s it with you and the constant GLEN bashing? You are incorrect in your statement that GLEN have “not uttered a single word of dissent about how CP’s will discriminate against gay parents and their children”

    A Quote form their press release:
    A key concern for GLEN is the issue of legal support and recognition of the many children being parented by same-sex couples. “Inclusion of legal recognition of children being parented by same-sex couples will be critical for the welfare of these children” said Kieran Rose.

    Do you see lying or misinformation as a means of getting your point across in your goal for your equality? Hardly constructive to our casue, or even mature, is it?

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