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Interview: What is being done to stamp homophobia out of football?

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  1. Wonder what happened to the anti-homophobia DVD proposed by Peter Tatchell, and about which I wrote to the FA in March 2009 with a Cc to the Kick It Out campaign?

  2. Brian Burton 10 Aug 2009, 4:36pm

    I would Love to see Homophobia leave every Sport by any Exit gate you can name. But, It’s striving for the impossible, even in the 21st Centuary. The un-written law is: wherever there is a demand, there is no supply. This is so in the case of football I’m afraid. This type of Homopphobia is strickly and uniquely British I fear. Many more generations will pass before it is eradicated.

  3. I think this topic was well addressed in the TV show Footballers Wives (yes, seriously). Also, I think part of a grass roots approach should include openly gay men making themselves known as football fans, preferably achieving a level of visibility to a team which they support. That’s what I do. I am good friends with a leisure league footballer. I go to his matches, and am known by his teammates as a friendly and supportive guy. They really appreciate my sincere interest and support and even though it’s a small drop in the bucket, every drop counts. Try this: ask a football fan to explain the game to you. There’s nothing they love better than talking about their sport to an interested party. You’ll make a new friend and build support for the gay community at the same time.

  4. Cary – that’s a fantastic attitude.

    Actually, I’m going to affix a small rainbow badge to my 1990-91 SWFC shirt, just below the Owls icon, as I want my fellow Wednesday fans and my club to know, the fight to get us back to premiership glory transcends all areas of the community!!!

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