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Gay Israeli peace campaigner to be jailed over protest

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  1. William Jones 10 Aug 2009, 11:44am

    “However, he has frequently been a target of homophobic abuse and says his opponents even spread rumours he was suffering from AIDS around the Palestinian settlers he helps.”

    Who are these mythical Palestinian settlers? The Palestinians are the native population of the West Bank. It is the Israelis who are living there illegally on stolen land

  2. Ther Isrealis are not strangers to Palestine. History shows clearly that the Israelis owned the land. Was there ever a ‘Palestinian’ king in the area? Kings David, Solomon, etc were real people who lived and ruled in Jerusalem! The Jews were never completely driven out at any time in history. Some have always lived in Palestine.

    As a matter of fact, until the 1960s, only Israelis were called Palestinians.

  3. “As a matter of fact, until the 1960s, only Israelis were called Palestinians.”

    What ignorance
    The Balfour Declaration 1917 (was that before the 1960s on your calendar?) states:

    “The letter stated that the British government “view[ed] with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

    Note in Palestine, where there lived non-Jews, (Palestinian Arabs) who were not to be discriminated against? Zionists put an end to that.

    Get you facts right mate – there was an indigenous population and they were called Palestinians and as for King(s) David and Solomon are concerned – even the Israeli Archaeologists, try as they might can find little evidence of their existence apart from the fact that they MIGHT have ruled over a few villages in Palestine and that might be the extent of their so called “kingdom(s)”.

  4. “Get you facts right mate – there was an indigenous population and they were called Palestinians”

    Oh dear.

    “Palestine” was the name of the region; all who lived in it – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bedouin – were hence “Palestinians”.

    The clear and simple fact, despite what the hypnotised and/or brainwashed ignoramuses believe, is that, historically, the indigenous Palestinians are Jews.

  5. Horrible people such as yourself seek out every opportunity to bemoan Zionists, who you invariably see as racist warmongerers; you seek to deny Jews a right to their ancestral home; you misrepresent history; lie about contemporary issues and are generally insidious in your words.

  6. My remarks did NOT infer that there were NO other groups of people living in Palestine in prior to 1948, when the “Zionist Terrorists” ousted the British. There were indeed other groups. Jews included (who were in that sense Palestinians) but by far the largest group of indigenous peoples were the Palestinian Arabs, which I know Zionists like to pretend do not exist. That’s another way of distorting history, though not recognised as such by the distorters.

    If there were no Palestinian there, why does Israel have a continuing problem with those non-Jewish peoples wishing to have a right of returning to the homes from which they were expelled? I know too that blind Zionism says that there were no expulsions but those NO EXPULSIONS of Palestinians are still happening, Jerusalem last week.

    The Jewish homeland interpretation is a peculiar one and not very credible. I would suggest that France has better legal claims on parts of the UK than followers of the Jewish creed have on Palestine. It is a very odd phenomenon indeed and a somewhat outmoded one to try to establish land claims based on religious sectarian beliefs. How about the Vatican claiming Spain or Brazil as a new homeland for Catholics? Strange idea indeed!

    It is worth remembering that historically, the various missions / crusades have lasted on average about 100 years, so the Zionist one has about another 40 years to run and remember too that ALL POWER is vulnerable, so don’t think that force of arms can preserve what is most probably un-preserveable. Remember South Africa, The Old USSR and The British Empire on which the sun never set – all gone.

    As for your personal attack, well I shall ignore that. It’s not worth commenting on but your remarks about Zionism, which is incidentally disowned and considered to be a disastrous philosophy by many followers of Judaism, had much of the truth in them.

    I presume also from your remarks that you think that there can only be one interpretation of history and that is the one that agrees with you own “Brainwashing”. Remember, religions can do great damage to the brains of people who buy into them, hook line and sinker.

    Stand back a little and see the world from a broader perspective. It does not all revolve around Judaism and its followers.

    My thoughts sent with some kindness.

  7. I like this short Animated film
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  8. Yes Craig, that film was made by the same animater who made the film about Israelis’ part in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres “Waltz with Bashir” – Well worth watching.
    But of course that did not happen, according to history as written by Zionists.

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