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Feature: Pride in Reykjavik, 64° north

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Reader comments

  1. Its great that at least one society gets it!

    If your protecting and celebrating the right of a minority group then you can be assured your right will be protected in the process.

    And that’s something they celebrate also. :D

    You can tell a lot about how civilised a society is by how minorities are treated.

  2. Jean-Paul a.k.a. Bentham 11 Aug 2009, 3:45am

    Thanks for this, Adam. It appears to me that Island mentalities can differ according to their size.

    For example, I remember reading years ago that the reason the Japanese are so-o polite is that they are so numerous to occupy so small a space. Every word, every gesture becomes an issue.

    Still, this liberal attitude in Iceland is news to me, and it’s great news for a change. Good stuff.

  3. Absolutely!! Thanks Adam, and Iceland!

  4. “When we enquired if we could interview her, we were told that she only gives interviews in Icelandic and that she would never speaks about her sexuality.”

    Not so tolerant a society after all?

    She’s a lesbian but you can’t mention it? Hmmm…

  5. I wondered about their church. The State Icelanidic church. See Wikipedia. It was previously called the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Basically the same church as the state churches in Sweden and Norway, which have gay marriage.

    In the USA, the ELCA is the most liberal of the 3 Lutheran groups. Though my only encounter with the most conservative of them was to ask a church leader about their support for gay marriage. He was perfectly nice, said they don’t believe in it. But no denigration, sermon, etc. He directed me to the ELCA group, which he said would be much more welcoming. So he represented conservative, but a good church which respects the rights of others. Not like the really orthodox churches, who think conversion, and if needed terrorization for conversion is a legit activity.

    And this month, the USA ELCA is prob going to vote on accepting gay pastors “in relationships”. And that is certainly going to bring marriage or marriage like ceremonies as well. People think it will pass. And they will become the second new church, after the Episcopal (US anglican) who welcome gays as full members with full rights.

    Things are happening.

    If only I could come back 50 years from now. To see the Catholic church split off into a progressive group, while their conservative group, the orthodox Jews, and the right wing christians have become an ugly footnote in the annals of human history.

  6. Great news Iceland and congratulations on a wonderful Gay Pride this year!

  7. Sounds like a nice party, and a good day out for all.

  8. Simon Murphy 11 Aug 2009, 8:46pm

    It sounds lovely. Is Iceland as expensive as is reported?

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