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Comment: Will Cameron back MEP who thinks marriage is not ‘relevant or appropriate’ for gay people?

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 10 Aug 2009, 3:23pm


    Dear Mr Cameron

    In light of your claims to support equal rights and freedom from discrimination for the gay community please confirm what disciplinary action (up to and including expulsion from the Tory Party) will be taken against Tory MEP Roger Helmar for his claim that “‘Homophobia’ is merely a propaganda device designed to denigrate and stigmatise those holding conventional opinions”.

    Would Helmar be willing to make such a statement to the families of Michael Causer or Jody Dobroski, two gay men who were beaten to death because of their sexuality last year?

    Is Helmar’s vicious stupidity linked to the Tory party’s association with the facist Polish Law and Justice Party in the European Parliament?

    What action is to be taken against Helmar or is sickening bigotry once again tolerated by the Tories as has always been the case until you claimed that the Tories had changed?

    Yours sincerely

  2. Cameron is damned if he does and damned if he does not on this one ALTHOUGH he should be able to dress this guy down as he is after all the leader of the Party! However, given that he’s contemplated aligning the Tories with the Right Wing of Eastern European politics I doubt he would do it! BTW “…Jewess and Negress are now widely regarded as offensive.” Of course; like to see him cal it to Edwina Currie or Diane Abbott and see what he gets…..!

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Aug 2009, 3:30pm

    Cameron may not be personally homophobic but if dribbling idiots like this Helmer are allowed to spew their bile and if the Tories wish to align themselves with Polish extremists then ‘Dave’s’ kind words are meaningless.

    Any LGBT person who votes Tory is doing to at the expense of their own rights

  4. And of course Labour does not have any homophobic backbenchers? Or does it?

  5. As much as I despise the Tories, our government doesn’t think marriage is ‘relevant or appropriate’ for gay people either.

  6. C’mon, people! Abi found Helmer’s blog and I have found you can post a message there instantly without it being moderated.

    Caution: don’t post anything which these toffee-nosed Tories can instantly dismiss as vulgar etc. Just stick to the facts and simply state that he has now demonstrated hatred towards and homophobia of gays and lesbians. (Remember Google indexes everything that is posted on Helmer’s site, so the more postings there are including the words Helmer and homophobia, the more hits and negative publicity the man will get!)

    Click here to make your public statement on Helmer’s very own hateful web-blog

  7. Ofcourse Cameron won’t do anything, and if he does, it will be on the orders of his puppet-masters.

    You will probably find that it will be George Osborne who will be the brains behind the Tories (if they win), since he is the one who has attended The Bilderberg Group meetings 3 times, which is actually 3 times more than Cameron has.

    (For those of you who don’t know, The Bilderberg Group is a group that meets once a year, the attendees are big, big, business men, royalty, presidents and prime ministers. Their aim is to create a world government, hence the EU, which was meant to be no more than an economic community by birth, is now an actual state in all but name; even our armed forces our beginning to fight under the EU flag. And now what will be The North American Union consisting of the U.S, Canada and Mexico is coming into play. The African Union already exists. The South Pacific Union comprising of Australia, New Zealend et al will be also coming soon………all of these are Bildeberg instructions. Want futher proof? Tony Blair attended when he was an unknown MP for Sedhefield and was then suddenly thrust into the limelight, Bill Clinton was the same -an unknown representative from the state of Arkansaw who, after attending, was suddenly thrust forward as a future president. Google ‘Bilderber Group’ if you don’t believe me folks!)

    Not sure why I told you all that. Suppose I just want you all to know politics is a sham.

  8. Not sure if Cameron is really between a rock and a hard place. If there are homophobes, racist or other bigots festering in the tory party, then he should weed them out.

  9. Please post comments about Helmer’s homophobia and the homophobia that is inherent in the Conservative party on the HOME page of Helmer’s website:

    Click here to go to the home page of Helmer’s website

  10. Cameron is taking a “long time” to discipline this MEP, perhaps this will show the whole country what a homophobic looser he truly is!

    At next years London Pride there won’t be 1 million people marching, oh no there will be 1 million people demonstrating if he get’s in.

  11. But Helmer has made it clear that he also opposes civil partnership, looking at wghat he has to say (as civil partnership os essentially the same pattern of rights and responsibilities)

    This is the problem with the Tories. Too many backwoodsmen – and the fact is that there aren’t so many in the Labour party, though there are some.

    I hope Tory supporters will make their feelings known.

  12. “Let us be clear; these are the sort of people the Conservatives have chosen to ally themselves with in the European Parliament.”

    You should do some more research.

    The Labour Party is allied, along with a vast chunk of Eurotrash political parties, to a swathe of ne’erdowell homophobic and antisemitic groups, under the European People’s Part (EPP) umbrella.

    Focusing simply on the Tories’ allegiences is doing a great injustice to Labour.

    For example, Labour are allied with the Polish Sejm party, whose Deputy Speaker said of gays:

    “The court didn’t bow down to the pressure of the aggressive homosexual community, which came to make a scene as they usually do… If they want to live together then fine. But get the hell away from children… I refuse to agree to this and I’ll fight with the serious pathology which is a pair of lesbians with a child… their home becomes a place of permanent deprivation.”

    I wonder how many homophobic Labour MPs one could find with a few hours’ googling?

  13. Pete & Michael 11 Aug 2009, 7:34am

    Spot on Lezzabella!

    David Cameron is responsible to the 1922 committee of the Conservative Party, when and if the Conservative Party win the General Election, one will see the higher archival movers of the Party making the policy decisions.

  14. Never Kissed a Tory 11 Aug 2009, 7:41am

    Why is anyone surprised? When Cameron set out to try to change perceptions of the nasty party, he chose green issues, riding a bike and gay issues as symbols. So he is happy to enjoy great coverage from the pathetically grateful gay press but his personal voting record and his Party’s show they have not changed one bit. Be very afraid if they get back into government.

  15. I am not going to vote for the Tories. Labour may have its bad points but in my opinion Labour has done more for the gay community than the Tories will ever dream of doing or do. I also think that David Cameron may lose his job as leader of the Tories. If the Tories get in there will be protest riots in the streets of England for a long time. It is sad and a little frightening to think that a Tory government could undo all the good work that Labour has done in and for the LGBT community and reinstall homophobia and anti-gay structures. We all need to keep pushing and fighting for our rights – nonstop – until ALL LGBT rights are so firmly entrenched into English society and laws, that they can never be repealed or changed. Human nature takes time to change so we must not let up until it has changed. The Tories are obviously against human rights, and are homophobic. As much as I believe that the few gay Tory politicians in that party may be able to make some changes there are not enough gay Tory politicians to change the face of the Tories. By hooking up with the PiS party in Poland they have effectively told the LGBT community to f..k off. The Tories are judged by the company they keep. The PiS party of Poland is a backward looking party unwilling to look forward and grow into the 21st century. It is the PiS party that is holding back Polish growth because of entrenched traditionalist thinking in cahoots with the Roman Catholic church there. The Tories are now adopting the same attitude.
    LGBT rights are of the 21st century, the Tories and the PiS party are not.

  16. @Rich

    ” If the Tories get in there will be protest riots in the streets of England for a long time.”

    Surely you mean if Labour got in there’d be riots. After the state they’ve left this country in!

    And as Liam noted above, Labour are allied to an equally odious homophobic Polish party.

    You’d expect this kind of “journalism” from the Guardian – cherrypicking tidbits of information to push an agenda.

  17. @DigiBo
    I agree that Labour is partly responsible for the economic problem in England but this, in my opinion, is not going to last long and if the mind set of people changed to something more positive, then the economic recovery would be faster. However, the potential changes to the Labour parties policies for the LGBT community by a Tory Government could have very far reaching negative consequences for us if a Tory government got in.
    I firmly believe that the many gay Labour politicians will pull England out of the downturn, but everyone needs to work towards that not just them. Gay is not a synonym for stupid. The gay Labour politicians and other gay men working behind the scenes in the Labour party are clever men who know what they are doing, I think.

  18. Liam, firstly Labour isn’t in the EPP, it’s in the Party of European Socialists. Secondly, the Sejm isn’t a party, it’s the Polish equivalent of the House of Commons. Thirdly, the deputy speaker to whom you refer is a member of Civic Platform, a conservative party which the Tories used to be aligned with, until they abandoned them for the institutionally homophobic Law and Justice Party.

    It might be easy enough to find a few individually homophobic Labour MPs, but then Labour are the ones with the impressive legislative record of advancing equality. The Tories? Not so much.

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