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Comment: UNISON on the merits of the new Equality Bill

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Reader comments

  1. David Abrehart 10 Aug 2009, 7:54pm

    Unison is looking at this Bill from a wider perspective than just a LGBT one. The Bill covers disability, women, race and much more, in addition to LGBT interests. Overall, from Unison’s perspective, I have no doubt the Bill is highly desireable.

    As LGBT however, we’re in a difficult situation aren’t we? On the one hand we have a Bill which advances equality rights (especially for non LGBT people) significantly – and on the other hand we have an Equality Bill that actually discriminates AGAINST LGBT people, because we alone are excluded from provisions in the Bill which protect us from harrassment.

    Do we cease to support it altogether and run the risk of it not becoming law, or do we support it anyway, and accept we have an Equality Bill which sees LGBT people as less equal than other minority groups.

    Simply because the whole principle of the Equality Bill is about equality, and letting the Bill discriminate would devalue it so significantly, I say the latter. Let’s get this Bill right before enshrining it in law – even if it means delaying it. Better that than LGBT people being disciminated against and being 2nd class citizens – all over again, and by a so called ‘Equality’ Bill as well.

    I’ve written a fuller article about this here

  2. Having a union support the bill at the moment while the wider public see the unions as taking the piss with strikes for 19% pay rises ect. While most of the country are taking pay cuts or being laid off will probably work against the bill.

    The last thing we need are militant unions sticking noses into this or it will be dead in the water.

  3. Am inclined to share David’s doubts about the Bill.

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