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Middle East

Survey finds almost half of Israelis think gays are deviants

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Reader comments

  1. David North 6 Aug 2009, 11:18am

    Okay Dokay.

    This from a people who are primarily Jewish ( 80% ), therefore getting the tips of their knobs cut off by men in black hats with twirly hair extensions in order to conform to an ancient old book.

    THAT sounds a bit deviant to me.

  2. it’s a loaded question. If you asked a cross section in the UK something like “Do you see homosexuality as a perversion?” they’d probably say yes!

  3. Which bit of the holocuast do they not understand . . . The Nazis came for queers as well as Jews

    Shame on them.

  4. William Jones 6 Aug 2009, 12:33pm

    Well Israel is a country that is seriously infected by religion and therefore seriously infected by hatred – whether it be hatred of Palestinians or gay people or seculat people. This result is not surprising.

  5. @Rose

    I doubt it. It’s not just this poll. In a 2007 global poll by Pew only 39% of Israelis said yes to the question ‘Should homosexuality be accepted by society?’ while in Britain the number answering in the affirmative was 71%. Israel came out as less accepting than even all Catholic Latin American countries. Hell, the Polish were more pro-gay (45% said yes).

    I don’t see why people claim that Israel is incredibly liberal and gay-friendly when it’s not. It may be more than other Middle Eastern countries but that’s not exactly saying much.

  6. David Abrehart 6 Aug 2009, 1:43pm

    lol@ David North – point well made! :)

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Aug 2009, 2:07pm

    moamaom – I think the point has been made the Tel Aviv is a gay friendly city rather than the whole of the country, much as London is more gay friendly than some other parts of the UK.

    On a genraly note, everyone is wading in with various theories about the whys and wherefores of what happened. At present there is no indication who is responsible or why – the London nail bomber was just a f*cked up loser for example.

    We might do well to wait before we damn the state of Israel completely.

  8. what’s worse – the apparent jewish homophobia, or what appears to be clear anti-semitism by gays? Either way, both groups have been killed for who/what they are. And in the Middle East there a very vocal groups & ideologies whose manifestos include seeing both groups eradicated from the face of the earth.

    Being part of either group isn’t a choice – David N is clearly ignorant about Jewishness equally being someone’s ethnic identity, not just religious, and is prepared to mock a whole group based on one small sector of it. Smacks of bigotry and hypocrisy – bet he’d take issue with some homophobe describing all gay blokes as being ultra effeminite and warning all straight blokes to keep their backs against the wall.

    Jews & Gays may not see eye to eye on all things – but both have been persecuted, and both still exist, so deal with it!

  9. David North 6 Aug 2009, 3:10pm

    #8 “David N is clearly ignorant about Jewishness equally being someone’s ethnic identity, not just religious”

    No, I was just having a giggle. Lifes to short.

  10. William Jones 6 Aug 2009, 4:34pm

    Being jewish is more than a religious identity. It is not an ethnic identity however. I would regard it as a cultural identity as well as a religious one. And a jewish person’s belief in ‘god’ is entirely a choice

  11. Brian Burton 6 Aug 2009, 5:04pm

    Another ‘survey’ Lets Not Foget Folks, It’s What You Get Folkes For Makin’ WOOPY!
    Did they say almost half thought Gays were deviants? Almost half is not half is it? Well, It’s up to the Gay orgs. in Isreal to convince the minority then that ‘deviants’ was a word NAZIS used.
    Ask John K. he’ll confirm that!

  12. I have to say I am very surprised by the survey. I am Israeli myself and all of my Israeli friends have been very tolerant of my sexuality and even come with me to gay clubs. Knock on wood but my experience with coming out to Israelis (even some traditional ones) has been positive. Thus, I am extremely surprised by this survey.

  13. Don’t particularly take much notice of small polls. Couldn’t give a toss really. As long as the gay community in Israel is protected and accepted that is of far more importance than a little poll. However what it does indicate is the level of intolerance that gays in Israel have to put with from certain sections within Israel as was shown by the murder of two people at a gay centre.

  14. This attitude from a Nation that produced Dana International?????

  15. Who gives a shit ? Do you guys wants to read my poll? I’m sure you do. Lol.
    But seriously now, let me ask you this, how many of you are willing to respond to any poll? How many of you have the time and the patient to answer any of those polls who calls you over the phone? lets bet none of you, right? Right, I mostly hang up the phone after I say “sorry, I am busy”, because I am really busy, and have better things to do. Well, there is my poll, intelligent people do not have the time to answer stupid questions especially over the phone because they know that other people most likely to wipe their ass with it any way, and they have better things to do in their free time, if they have a free time at all. Intelligent people do not take surveys because they are busy with things that makes them grow or teaches them something that would make them better humans. Intelligent people respect other people in all means any way, and wont call to disturb you if they don’t know you, especially if you did not ask them to or gave them your number, because they know it’s rude. Now, here is the answer, Who are those people that answered the survey? all the one that has nothing better to do, and sit at home waiting for a phone call like that to save their day, that for it self shows you how intelligent those people are, so it should tell us maybe how stupid that poll is, and yes, it is good to wipe your ass with it maybe if you are stuck in Bulgaria or Ukraine, but I am sure you’ll find a better paper in Israel. What is important? is to remember that Israel was the first country ever to sent a transsexual to represent a state in the most important contest, the Eurovision song contest. And she won too. Something which none of the most gay friendly countries ever did before. So that’s says a lot for it self, beside, being gay in Israel isn’t a big issue any more, and most people in the every day life, do not have any problem with it. If you still doubting it go and see your self. But you do not want to go to Egypt or to the Palestinians or to any of the Arab countries because you wont stay a live long, if you’ll be so proud of who you are there.

  16. Jonathan Rosenberg 11 Sep 2009, 8:30am

    As a gay Jew, I have to say that I am not in the least bit surprised to see that there is still such a widespread belief that we are an abomination. Were it not for the number of secular Jews in Israel, the numbers would undoubtedly have been much higher.

    I am somewhat bemused by Jonathan’s staggeringly ignorant suggestion that gays are anti-Semitic – whilst there isn’t a single day that goes by where I am not at the receiving end of organised Jewish homophobia, I can honestly say that I have never been on the receiving end of any sort of organised anti-Semitism from within the gay community.

    Then again, I am not one of those paranoid Jews who equates [perfectly justified] criticism of the apartheid state of Israel with anti-Semitism.

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