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Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin ‘a gay icon’

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Reader comments

  1. The Times wrote: “They will also confirm the Russian Prime Minister’s status as a gay icon.”

    The pictures WILL, will they? Like hell, they will. The Times columnist has a very odd idea of what gay men find attractive! Last night when Putin was shown on BBC1 News at Ten, my partner and I laughed out loud. Firstly, at BBC1’s inclusion of such a story, more worthy of the shallow celebrity glossies, and secondly, at the obvious “moobies” the man has dangling from his chest!

    The Times puts us down when it suggests that any man who is not obese and who strips to the waist will send all of us “silly” gay men into a spin.

    Gay icon, my foot!

    1. Well said!

  2. This is insulting to gay men to even consider him a gay icon? What next? Hitler?

  3. I totally agree. This is an Insult. I think the man is hideous. Where do The Times get their information from? Obviously not anyone who is actually gay…

  4. So what, a shot of his saggy moobs and he’s a gay icon?
    The man is an ex-spy, ugly, corrupted, and homophobic – there is no way he’s an icon to anyone!

  5. I think it’s just because it’s a picture of a man with his shirt off. Highly depressing. It’s like saying any woman who gets her tits out is a sex symbol.

  6. Gross in every sense of the word. Even more gross than the old sexually addicted Italian president. Man-boobs eeeeeeeeeeewe! Someone put a halter top or a bra on that creepy old man. Poor horse having lug around that ignorant, fat queen.

  7. Simon Murphy 6 Aug 2009, 4:41pm

    Ray: No6: “Someone put a halter top or a bra on that creepy old man.”

    Good idea – then he could take over from Stu Rasmussen – that mayor/mare in Silverton, Oregon. He too is a heterosexual man with moobs. Unlike Putin I doubt he’s killed anyone however.

  8. Brian Burton 6 Aug 2009, 4:50pm

    Putin is a Son of the ‘Old Soviet School’ An Ex KGB Agent who would shoot his own Grand-Mother if it futhered His career!

  9. stephen kay 6 Aug 2009, 10:26pm

    Yuck yuck yuck PUKE oh and did I say yuck????

  10. Such a man who has destroyed any hope of democracy or social justice in his country is NO gay icon!

  11. I wouldn’t putin my dick anywhere near him. Medvedjv is Putin’s puppet. Putin still controls Russia. Once a KGB agent always a KGB agent this is just cheap poor Russian PR. He is no gay icon and never will be.

  12. This man is more a kin to Stalin than a Gay Icon! He is responsible for death and destruction in Georgia! He was head of the KGB for Gods Sake so how many people were tortured on his orders? Just cos he takes his shirt off?!! His pecs aint that good either!

  13. If he is a gay icon he’s an exceptionally ugly one! Tactically, though, if he were known as a gay icon in Russia I wonder whether that would somehow serve the cause of gay rights (by associating a respected figure with gay people).

  14. “impressive physique” ? “show of strength and virility” ? “pin-up for men and women alike” ? I believe the KGB has just infiltrated into the Pink News. Either that or Jessica Geen was smoking pot when she wrote this article.

  15. Lyuba Allenivna Tereshchenko 10 Feb 2012, 12:08pm


    Someone needs a good optician; the person who wrote this needs glasses or contacts. Putin a gay icon? Bozhe moi! I’m laughing my Black Welsh/Ukrainian arse off!

  16. ANTONIO COELHO 18 Jan 2014, 3:00pm

    Every time I see Putin fannying around bare chested on horseback spearing a bare in the outback I just laugh myself silly, he’s become a sad caricature of himself! He should seek council from the other elderly statesmen in the Kremlin, perhaps some advice on how old has-beens behave in public wouldn’t go amiss!

  17. Putin is Russian President, for your information

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