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Online LGBT school to launch in 2010

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 6 Aug 2009, 4:37pm

    I donn’t care if David Gs Idea sounds like school ‘Segregation’ I think It can be only a good thing for LGBT students to learn in a safe enviroment.

  2. But how will they have a marching band?

  3. I am so pleased that this has been launched. It could be the start of many more LGBT on-line schools. I for one fully support this as a way of giving gay school students a chance to grow and be themselves in a safe and happy environment. And I pray that it helps to cut down on the number of gay teenage suicides. It opens up a whole new concept of education for gay students. Meeting each other once a month or once every six months or something like that will help to overcome the lack of person to person peer to peer contact with each other and thus stop isolation and insulation. (which they may have already anyway from homophobic activity in the straight schools It’s early days yet for them but – great news anyway !!

  4. If schools really tackled homphobic bullying seriously, then LGBT kids would feel safe attending them.

  5. Stewart Cowan 10 Aug 2009, 12:04pm

    Segregation in the 21st Century. We’re moving backwards in so many ways. We’ll be living in mud huts by 2050.

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