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Gay Indian prince: ‘Yoga didn’t turn me straight’

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  1. Actually, according to the Indian law, he is still the Crown Prince and the rightful heir. In contemporary India his father has no right to decide that, so if he lives long enough he’ll become the first openly gay Raja!

  2. William Courson 6 Aug 2009, 12:39pm

    As a student of yoga and a teacher and practitioner of its sister science, ayurveda, I am hesitant to level criticism at anyone, much less pass judgement on another. In this instance, I must make an exception.

    Swami Ramdev’s actions have nothing to do with yoga or healing nor with the Sanatana Dharma. His attempts to bring the sanctions of the criminal law against the life choices of others categorize him as an enemy of freedom and truth, willing for the sake of egotism to sacrifice the happiness and well being of millions on the altar of the god of self-aggrandizement.

    Some notion of the Swami’s concept of and committment to promoting health might be had from his fraudulent claims of curing AIDS, cancer and – most egregiously – his promotion of a purported ayurvedic “medicine” labelled Putravati, supposed to help women to selectively give birth to sons.

    Swamiji’s efforts to promote the marginalization of homosexuality and the dispossession of gay and lesbian people of their human rights may well win applause in the homophobic, misogynistic backwaters of the subcontinent’s countless villages. His condemnation of the peaceful methods of Mohandas Gandhi and the utility of non-violence in gaining India’s independence bloodlessly may play well to the right-wing rump of Indian reactionary politics, but he has revealed himself to a much wider world to be a charlatan and a poseur.

    This is no man of God, and his reprehensible conduct is a disgrace to the sannyasin’s robe.

  3. What a brave and couragous man this prince is. I’d love to meet him and tell him how amazing he is for making those sacrifices. People complain about football players who would “lose everything”. It just goes to show that integrity knows no price.

  4. I agree with J. This Prince is a great example; has he ‘lost everything’? I think he has gained far more by coming out and being honest.

  5. Hello
    Just to correct your reporter, Mananvendra Singh Gohil was initially disowned by his family but later accepted back as he was the only son and heir. In India, unlike the West, the ties of blood, family and clan are stil more important than individual beliefs and preferences.

  6. Pete & Michael 6 Aug 2009, 9:28pm

    Mavendra Singh Gohil is an inspiration to us all, he was great in the recent three part TV series located in Brighton.

  7. Brian Burton 6 Aug 2009, 10:47pm

    From the photo, he looks like a Prince down to his fingertips. Good luck Prinny!

  8. I love this prince :)

    Such an inspiration, brave, courageous and warm-hearted person really helping to break down barriers and help gay people in a country that it is very difficult to be gay in.

  9. What a brave man. Can only admire him.

  10. If this wonderful Prince can come out and be openly gay then so can all the gay guys who are afraid to come out. Come out guys it will be ok. You will find new friends and new loves and a whole new family. So come on out

  11. all yoga did for me was make me more flexible, a happy side effect.

  12. Joe – you made me laugh out loud!
    Thank you for brightening my day – even though it’s sunny! (well, at present, anyhow!)
    Although these comments pages are imp0ortant, some contributors DO tend to take issues terribly seriously.

  13. What flavour should I be using. So far it hasn’t changed me either!!

  14. Manos Manou 21 Aug 2009, 2:03pm

    I am very proud about the Prince. Although we should know that he might need “our” support as much as homophobia is big in India! Greetings from Athens.

  15. The prince is a star.

  16. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 6:24am

    So if homosexuality is a disease, then so is being born black or brown or Irish or German or Navajo or Jew or Arab or Japanese.
    Can this Swami Balmy cure a person’s skin color or race? If he claims homosexuality is a disease then so is all the other ways a person is born. You know I believe this Swami Balmy was born with the disease of being an idiot and he needs to look into a mirror and cure himself before he points a finger at some one else. Don’t they have laws against practicing medicine without a license in India? It sounds like this Swami with the weird name is practicing medicine by stating that homosexuality is a disease and insulting the intelligences of real doctors and scientist who know that one is born this way and its very common both amongst humans and animals since the dawn of time and very normal. In fact everyone in the womb is bisexual and after birth some stay bisexual while others either are attracted to their own sex or the opposite sex, but scientist will tell you we all remain bisexual throughout our life even if we are more attracted to one sex. Scientist believe this is one reason so many persons are homophobic is because deep down inside of them are these attractions for their own sex because we are all bisexual, even animals. So this swami that is balmy should work on curing himself first of this so-called-disease before trying it on some one else. As far as the right that other cultures have the right to believe what they want is alright as long as it does not cause harm to others, and when you are a bigot that causes harm to others.

  17. prashaanta singh 21 Nov 2010, 3:01am

    namaskar and sitaram to all the hindus in the world and hindustan, to the rest of people who are racist to hindus I will tell you something, you all need yoga because your minds are filthy and need the process of calming your minds to understand us hindus.all you do is condem my nation for doing absolutely nothing to you all. You raped, plunder and looth India till we became a starving nation,excuse me, fyi we are the 5th richest country and we are taking everything you took from us. watch out rajas of hindustan will kill you. BEWARE!We are ready to fight you till the end.we hold hands and walk and walk and walk for freedom.namaskar and sitaram

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