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Stonewall publishes advice for lesbians on getting pregnant

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Reader comments

  1. The new legislation that Stonewall has got through is not perfect and will cause some problems for LGB families. Lesbian couples in civil partnerships who are co-parenting and want the dad(s) to have parental responsability will be forced into a situation where one of the women has to give up their child(ren) for adoption to the father. There can only be two legal parents and the two mums would automatically be named as the parents. The father would have to adopt his own child and because there can only be two parents that would mean the biologocal mother, or her civil partner, would have to give up their rights as a parent and then allpy for a step-parent parental responsibilty order. In a co-parenting situation, if this ridiculous legal dance didn’t take place the father could change his mind about supporting his child as he would have no legal responsibility. The father’s right to be named as the father (in a situation where that is what all parties want) is being removed. There are no positive stories about co-parenting in the Stonewall guide and the changes seem to have been made with no thought to co-parents and the fact that co-parenting is increasing in the LGB community.

    Sorry Stonewall, but you have not done well here. Another blot on the copybook after Stonewall’s failure to support marriage equality.

  2. …and it also comes in very handy for those dry turkey roasts at Christmas!! Double Bonus!!

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