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60 greatest gay bars announced

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 5 Aug 2009, 5:50pm

    What happened to Brighton in the UK? It used to have the 42Club and the Curtain Club that I remember. There has to be a 69 Club somewhere? The Coalherne London was Gay Leather and then the Lezbian Club the ‘Cross Keys’ I was scared of the Butch Lezbians in the Cross Keys, they looked so tough with theie tatoos and chains!…..Oh! Happy Days!

  2. I think quoting this list in an article seems to give it more value than it deserves. The fact that is an American site has probably more to do with half the bars in the list being located in the US than the actual quality of the establishments. I’m sure these are all fine venues but the fact that not a bar in Amsterdam or Scandinavia was found to be better than some watering hole in Arizona sounds vaguely biased to me…

  3. Simon Murphy 6 Aug 2009, 12:22am

    I’ve only been to 6 of them. Poor, poor me.

  4. John Macdonald 6 Aug 2009, 5:36am

    Sydney destroyed it’s gay scene years ago. As it has become a self-destructive community. Very oppressive being gay in Sydney, now

  5. Brian Burton 6 Aug 2009, 6:56am

    All the Gays from Sydny seemed to be living in London years ago. I remember a lot had Chinees boy friends from Hong Kong.

  6. They say “Bar” but mean “Sweaty fleapit club full of sweaty men off their tits on K listening to deafening music”.

  7. What no G.A.Y. Bar :p

    Brighton was missed off because their night life is rubbish… one of many reasons I couldn’t live in Brighton for longer than the 5 months I did.

  8. I bet this was done by an Americana!

  9. Brian Burton 6 Aug 2009, 5:12pm

    You sounded like you Lapped it up. In between those sweaty Lallies-Lovley dear!

  10. ROBN:- They say “Bar” but mean “Sweaty fleapit club full of sweaty men off their tits on K listening to deafening music”

    When is your 95th birthday coming up, you sad old fart? Guess who the boys didn’t like and got left at the back wall….

  11. Pay no attention to RobN, he’s basically a modern day Ernest Rohm…. some right wing racist bigot who (unfortunately) happens to be gay and thinks it makes him look “aloof” to call us all self serving queers. One word: projecting.

    He’s to be pitied. Although you’re probably spot on about him being the lonely ugly fuck at the back wall, something damaged this freak real good somewhere along the line. Its just unfortunate for us we have to listen to the outcome of it.

  12. the other half 7 Aug 2009, 10:14am

    the polo is a shit hole where you get thrown out if you upset the Hetros who make up more than half the clientel.

    I stoped going (when I lived in Glasgow) after one friend was atacked because some Chav didn’t like that he was a rather portly Gay Skin, after I was thrown out and threatend with a beating and after I and my partner where threatend with a lifetime ban for kissing near the bar.

  13. Brian Burton 7 Aug 2009, 2:25pm

    POOR RobN,
    I think you are all being very unjust to the poor soul. For a start, RobN comes from a very Big Family. In fact, RobN’s family was so big, the mice used to set traps for the Kids! When his Father’s Mother-in-Law used to visit, only then would the mice through themselves onto the traps. When Mother-in-Law used to hang up her Bra, a camel tried to make love to it! To get away from all the malee of family, RobN would sometimes walk down to the end of the garden and sit down. He would look up and see the distant Galaxies so far away. Jupiter and mars looked like part of a sparkling dimond display. Delighting the eye and caressins the mind. And as he looked up there, at all that beautey, he suddenly thought: I’ll have to put a roof on this Toilet!

  14. Great to see The Polo Lounge get a shout, nice for Glasgow, it has come a long way, the best atmosphere of any club I have ever been in.

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