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Thai boxer may face ban for posing in gay magazine

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 4 Aug 2009, 3:02pm

    “The Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand (ABAT) has called the shoot “inappropriate”.”

    This isn’t very clear. Is it inappropriate simply because it’s in a gay mag or would it have been inappropriate anyway? I think it’s worth finding out before screaming homophobe. It’s a silly ban either way.

  2. silly indeed – thank goodness the French rugby team aren’t subject to the same constraints:-)

  3. Poor boy; if I was going to pose in my scanties on a magazine cover I think I just might find out whhat side the mag batted for before I agreed to it??????

  4. Aren’t boxers and thai boxers in their shorts with their torsos exposed when they actually compete? What’s the difference?

    And no comments about “getting a thorough bruising in the ring”, you filthy beasts!

  5. I am sorry I have to laugh at this (or I will cry):

    “We will question him. After we listen to him, we will mete out punishment”…….

    Reminds me of several ‘ethics’:

    1. Shoot first, ask questions later…..

    2. Listening to someone is far from ‘hearing’

    3. Innocent until proven guily, anyone?

    4. Smacks slightly of The Gestapo??

    All a little bit fascist for me….I’m afraid. Although I imagine there may be some sympathisers *to the approach* on here…even those in denial of their own homophobia (we’ll see)

  6. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 4 Aug 2009, 6:00pm

    I think this also shows at what lengths a gay magazine will go to get a model or cause controversy. To not clearly inform the model//boxer is absurd…I’m sure it was a stunt by the mag and a stunt only

  7. Seems strange to me, coming from a place where David Beckham can appear on billboards advertising underwear! Bit of a fuss over nothing. Though it is unfair that the magazine didn’t explain things to him prior to the shoot.
    If he had his tackle out on display, that might have been a problem, but only in terms of contractual obligations.
    I’d say if Thai Boxing doesn’t want him, he’d make a great Calvins model! He is HOT!

  8. I thought Thailand was a bit less backwards than this. What a shame…

  9. I’ve always though the Thai Boxing on Channel 5 at about 4am was VERY homoerotic. Two men wearing nothing but shorts prancing about a boxing ring trying to touch each other!

  10. Don’t you think David Beckham was “visually enhanced” on those posters? He once said he could wear Victoria’s thongs; not by the looks of it………

  11. hmmmm thats weird. nom tong wasnt stopped from fighting any bouts against guys until she had srs.

  12. I think The Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand (ABAT) is extremely homophobia! Like the Football Players in United Kingdom, there is no gay in this business! In Thailand, if you are gay, some just show it off, some just hide it! But as long as you are not telling any one you are, then you are safe and let other judge you? Thats crazy. Thats why I dont live in Thailand any more.

  13. I find it hard to believe a country, with so many teenage transexual prostitutes would penalise anyone, gay, bi or straight for appearing on a gay magazine cover in their undies

    And how can David Beckham wear his wifes thongs?
    She has like a 10 inch waist!

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