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Tel Aviv gay shooting: Israeli minister forms emergency committee

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Reader comments

  1. Eagle Ashcroft 5 Aug 2009, 12:21am

    See what religion does; it kills people rather they believe in the Christian, Moslim, Jew, Hindu or other major religion, they all cause death and suffering. If there were no religions there would be less violence, less war, less crime and less unrest in the world.

  2. @Eagle Ashcroft – Not all religions are bad. But it is the few bad ones like Islam, fundaMENTAList Christians, and elements within the other lot that make the rest look bad. But I do agree with you that if there were no religions there would be less violence, less war etc. However, mankind needs something to believe in, to be like an alter-ego, a secret champion if you like and that is why we have religion. The trick is finding the right one or none as the case may be. Well done, Isaac Herzog, another step in the right direction.

  3. It’s sad that it takes a tragedy like this one to start doing something about homophobic violence but still, better later than never. As for religion, it can be compared to alcohol – it’s intoxicating in general but some people become addicts and can’t get enough of it. In the end (just like with alcohol abuse), things get pretty nasty for the people around them.

  4. Hopefully some good will come from this tragedy, in the form of increased awareness of and support/assistance for, Israel’s gay community.

    Whether you support or are against Israel, no one can deny that they are the most advanced country in the middle east when it comes to LGBT rights. That needs to be applauded BUT there is still a LONG way to go as this recent attack (and the initial response) shows.

    Israel should know the world are watching how they react to this and deal with it – their reputation can improve massively if they take the appropriate action and give huge help to their LGBT communities.

  5. William Jones 5 Aug 2009, 4:31pm

    Here’s an idea for the Minister. He should create a civil marriage law to allow straight couples and gay couples to have a civil marriage. Straight people are not allowed to get a civil marriage in Israel because of religion. Never mind gay people.

    Then he should tell the religious freaks that every time a religious person engages in a hatecrime then that person’s home will be destroyed. That’s what they do to Palestinian terrorists. The same should be done to jewish terrorists.

    This will not happen. The cancer of religion seems terminal in Israel.

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