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Liverpool library apologises for banning gay magazine

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Reader comments

  1. Michael, Liverpool 4 Aug 2009, 11:40am

    So they know plan to make a gay man feel humiliated by having to ask at the front desk to look at Gay Times? It’s an absolute disgrace and a huge step backwards. Exactly what constitued the offence? Should this not be public knowledge as it is in the public interest. I find the Sun morally reprehensible most of the time, yet it is still stocked in libraries up and down the land.

  2. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 4 Aug 2009, 1:52pm

    It’s a pop magazine – I’d rather public money in a public library went to buying more Oscar Wilde books not magazines that can be accessed from most newsagents. Plus GT is not the most favourable family magazine. Try the more sophisticated reFresh!

  3. Many years ago I worked in a library and we had “Starred” books (a little red star on the inside cover and the spine. This did not denote a communist connection; it was a “naughty book” containing explicit discriptions of sex and violence or naughty erotic nudes(!) Needless to say, most of them ended upinthe staff’s lockers (yes, even Librarians have a libido!) I am sure even then GT would not have been as explicit as say, Jackie Collins!

  4. In 1998 the community where I live came together and asked the council to do 3 things, one of them was to put the Pink Paper in the Libraries and they resisted all of the way. First they said they were not prepared to pay for the delivery charge to the individual libraries. They did not tell us they had an internal delivering system though and that they were paying for other publications to be delivered. Then after years of campaigning we finely got the Pink Paper into the Libraries, then the Pink Paper (PP) went through a spell of charging for each copy and they refused to pay even though they were paying for regular newspapers. The PP ditched that idea after a short spell but it took us another year to get it back into the Libraries. Then it had some mildly pornographic pictures and they recalled them again and kept quiet about it until a complaint came to us 6 weeks later and it took another year to get a gay publication back, but this time it was the Fyne Times, because this time they said it was less pornographic.

    So at the end of the day, just having a gay publication in the Libraries is the Point!

  5. Simon Murphy 4 Aug 2009, 3:12pm

    Does the library contain a copy of the bible/koran/torah?

    I think someone should complain to the library that a book which condones slavery and wife murder is an inappropriate book to stock.

  6. Brian Burton 4 Aug 2009, 3:56pm

    I think you should go and tell these people to ‘Drop their Kecks.’
    Smack the back of their legs as well while your at it!

  7. Lezabella 4 Aug 2009, 8:37pm

    I know Sefton Park very well, spent many a summer and winter day playing there as a kid, Brian; it’s a beautiful place.

    I shall write them a strong-worded letter as I’m sure there will be hetero-erotic books in there.

    And I’ll give them a good spank if it’s a pretty lady ha ha :)

  8. Pumpkin Pie 5 Aug 2009, 12:59am

    Librarians, huh, Lezabella? French maids are more my thing, but I can certainly see the appeal. ;)

  9. My local library has books on hetro sex I will be writing them a strong letter of complant.

    And lets not forget all those mills and boon books.:D

  10. AARHH! someone said Mills and Boon; the Bane of the Librarian! (alongside Catherine Cookson and Barabara Cartland RIP)

  11. Go to Sefton Library and complain about as many hetro magazines as you can and see how fast they take them behind the counter!

  12. I’ve looked at there library
    service for key words like gay and out of 130 pages on there website they only
    have one word relating to a one off book reading group. Here check it out for
    your self:


  13. Very stupid move by the library staff at Sefton Park
    however they have apologised rather quickly and
    in their defence their was a LGBT heritage project
    displayed in the library at the same time (still hanging)
    and the library service supports our festival every year
    with guest gay & lesbian writers – maybe it has given
    them a wake up call but things are much better now than
    5 years ago
    homotopia festival

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