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Middle East

Foreign Office condemns Tel Aviv gay killings

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Reader comments

  1. William Jones 4 Aug 2009, 2:02pm

    It is also terrible that this attack is not being condemned as a terrorist attack against the gay community which is exactly what it is.

    I suppose that would require Israeli authorities to take action against jewish religious extremists which they don’t want to do seeing as they rely on those jewish extremists to do the state’s dirty work in stealing land from Palestinians in the illegally occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    Religion is sick and hateful and evil and should have no place in a democracy if it tries to impose its own sick values on everyone.

  2. In Israel there is the Haredi community and they have an
    and there have been accusations of them carrying out the attack on
    the Gay Youth Club.

  3. Brian Burton 4 Aug 2009, 4:18pm

    I don’t belive for a minute this Killing has Religious overtones.
    A nutter with a gun can commit outrages murder for many reasons. Hungerford springs to mind, the killings there. The Nutter who shot John Lennon in New York, when asked why? he replyed, ‘Cos he’s a phony! Gunmen weald their guns because the gun is a symble of power. They feel stronger than anyone else and thats the tragedy of it.

  4. Maybe if the FO condemned the attack as a symptom of Israeli racism then we might have some interest. It used to be that the gay movement and the Labour party opposed apartheid but now apartheid Israel funds Tony Bliar’s road show. Even poor old Peter Tatchell has now come out in favour of relations with apartheid Israel, which he would never have dared to do with apartheid South Africa.

  5. N Collins 8 Aug 2009, 3:27am

    Poor old Peter, stirring when the appropriate thing might be to extend his condolences to LGBT in Israel inclusing Palestinian LGBT who are suffering profoundly. I agree with the PM Netanyahu on precisely NOTHING but he *has* condemned it as a “terror” attack. @ Angelica so you are not interested in homophobia being condemned? Perhaps if you had attended the memorials you would have heard gay Israelis in the midst of their grief, making exactly this analysis. People have died, LGBT people are lying seriously injured, others are horribly bereaved…the whole ethos and reason for the State of Israel whatever you think of it was to escape “hate crime” in Europe but even within this construction Jewish LGBT are not safe. I have arab and muslim LGBT asking what they can do to show their support of their brothers and sisters in Israel, they cant stand the actions of the State and Govt of Israel but they feel the suffering of their LGBT brothers and sisters.

    There are times when political opportunism should be given a rest, cant they do any better than Peter “rent-a-quote” there are plenty of other people who have something meaningful to say, something productive to add.

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