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Tel Aviv gay killings: Police consider ‘personal motive’

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  1. Vo Dong Cung 3 Aug 2009, 5:40pm

    “senior Tel Aviv police source” criticised the reactions of the LGBT community, saying it had been too quick to blame homophobia.

    If not homophobia, why the gun man choose Gay Center but not Shopping Center?

  2. Alarm bells are ringing in my head!

    A masked gunman got into the “Basement” of a gay youth group and got out with out anybody seeing his escape in a city where “everybody” carries guns. The Police have closed down “every” gay youth group in the country from fear of another strike and the Police have slapped a gagging order on the case, saying publication of details could compromise their investigation.

  3. Craig – Sounds very fishy to me too. Had it been an Arab Israeli, they would be after him big style or he would already have been shot.

    There is an open invitation for all the religious nut cases and extremists in the world to come to “Israel / Occupied Palestine” (take your pick) so it’s no wonder someone turns up who does not like “gays”.

    Those Bronze Age texts which these religious fanatics think “are the words of their various Gods” give them sanction to do wicked things, like randomly shoot gay teenagers and think they are doing “God’s work”.

    Mad if you ask me!

  4. “Too quick to jump to conclusions about it being an homophobic attack”

    Had the guy walked into a synagogue or a meeting of those who follow Judaism there would be no doubts whatsoever, that is was an “anti-semitic attack”. No one would be suspending judgement in that case!

    You only have to comment negatively on Israeli policies, let alone shoot people for the “anti-semitic cry to go up.

  5. Someone with a personal grudge wouldn’t barge into a meeting and randomly shoot up to 20 people – most of them teenagers. And then he was spotted attempting to get into another venue! In my view, unlikely motive at best. And silly of police to criticize the LGBT community anyway in these circumstances.

  6. Israel has lots of different militias with some of them being extremists. The Police often turn a blind eye to there activities allowing them to get away with murder.

  7. I’m sure the motive was indeed personal…his personal feelings of homophobia and bigotry that is.

  8. Once again an attempt to push dead people back into the closet. I am reminded of the “Tonight With Trevor McDonald” programme that claimed the Admiral Duncan bombing was an attack on theatre-goers.

  9. Some racist Israeli kills other Israelis living in a racist state. Maybe the answer is to fight apartheid rather than to support it? It is not entirely about the personal motives of the murderer – it is about the apartheid Israeli state.

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