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Gorillas found to be a source of HIV infection

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Reader comments

  1. By “bush meat” means killing the apes and eating them! We should not eat our “simian cousins”! Have we (humans) learnt nothing from feeding dead cows to cattle!!!!

  2. So it was gorillas that were the source of HIV? How odd, so many freaks on this site say it was god who made HIV. So….. god is a gorilla?

    Do these religious people ever get tired of being wrong?

  3. Human homophobes and religious lunatics are far more dangerous than a few Gorillas carrying SIV. Please remember it is ‘The Year of the Gorilla’ and I encourage everyone on Pink News to donate to help save these magnificent endangered creatures. Just type into the net, ‘The Year of the Gorilla 2009’ and it will lead you to many associated websites! Thanks my brothers and sisters worldwide.

  4. We so think we are the higher form of life; Apes and Whales and Dolphins in their own way deserve respect and rights!

  5. ” It is believed it was transferred to humans who came into contact with infected bush meat.”
    Actually – there’s evidence that the first clusters of HIV infection were in areas where they killed and used animals to create vaccines. The research was quickly buried and has been branded “urban legend”. Much easier to believe that the virus came from eating meat.

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