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Gay man blackmailed lover for thousands of pounds

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Reader comments

  1. The Menstruator 3 Aug 2009, 5:39pm

    Who cares? Honestly, if you’re in the closet having a gay affair you deserve to be blackmailed.

  2. Will the Scouser 3 Aug 2009, 6:20pm

    No-one deserves to be blackmailed; blackmail is a detestable and despicable crime. That said, being out makes blackmail pretty well impossible, and that’s one reason why I would always advise anyone most strongly against staying in the closet.

  3. Lovely woman, his wife. She saved his life.

  4. What pond life you are Cook – Cook broke down in tears in the dock – yeah because he was caught, you make me vomit.


  5. The Menstruator – please may I have some of your humble pie, oh that’s right you ate it along with your compassion!!!!

  6. wow, The Menstruator you sicken and sadden me =[

    This is truly sad, how anyone could do this to another person is beyond me

  7. Brian Burton 3 Aug 2009, 9:57pm

    You are as sick as that Pod cast site you feature on. Do us all a favour and Drop Dead!

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Aug 2009, 1:24am

    I’m (unusually) with the bulk of people here, I have always though that blackmail was one of the most despicable of crimes. It is not a spontaneous reaction to a situation it is a planned and premeditated slow torture of another individual.

    I sincerely hope that this poisonous little tosser comes to harm whilst in prison and in some way starts to understand the fear and torment he put his victim through.

    Anyone who thinks this kind of blackmail is in any way acceptable or justifiable is a piece of trash.

  9. Tiglathpileser 4 Aug 2009, 7:03am

    BB7-Do us all a favour and Drop Dead!

    Col 4:6 Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.

  10. I wonder if he was just closet, or if he was married with a wife and kids? If he is one of those “closet bisexuals” that can’t own up to their own sexuality, then he deserved all he got.

  11. I am astonished by the comments from RobN and They are either the most honest, open and openly gay people I have ever heard of or they have no sense of the spectrum of people out here in the real world. I suspect the latter because of a total lack of compassion – sad hidden creatures bitterly criticising people who have more colourful lives.

    As someone who was once in a very similar situation to the victim in this court case, I can speak with some authority. Like thousands of others, I did not choose my sexuality. I was closeted with a wife and child, having married because it was the expected thing to do. I was not unhapplily married but I knew I needed more from life and had an affair. The younger man concerned was not content until I left my wife for him. Of course it didn’t last, based as it was on emotional and physical blackmail. I remember the five years of my life, in the 1980s, as if they were yesterday – they were very painful for all concerned.

    Please don’t criticise situations which you clearly know very little about, compounded the misery. Maybe the man concerned could access this site thinking he would find support in a very difficult period only to come face to face with rampant bigotry.

  12. Sorry my first line should have read RobN and the Menstruator

  13. Brian Burton 4 Aug 2009, 3:51pm

    RobN and the Menstruator are ‘Birds of a Feather’ I’m afraid. Short on compassion and are not given to compliments. But as you see, 99% of the commenters on this thread make up for the bad comments.

  14. Philthrob – you speak for many of us and should be justifiably proud of everything you’ve written. Life is a broad canvas and thankfully, present-day’s acceptance of the gay lifestyle has done a great deal of good – but let’s all bring compassion and understanding into all our arguments rather than bitterness and bitchiness.

  15. And once again, Brian Burton and I seem to be singing from the same hymnsheet!
    Cheers, Brian! I feel I know you.

  16. RobN = twat

  17. Tiglathpileser 5 Aug 2009, 7:17am

    BB13-Short on compassion and are not given to compliments.

    Like most of you if these are anything to go by…

    39. retarded gimp
    40. distasteful little troll.
    41. ‘crazed fools’
    42. You degenerate f*ckwit,
    43. A complete and utter arsehole.
    44. “bigoted racist piece of filth”.
    45. homophobic racist bitch.
    46. you mindless coward
    47. you are retarded
    48. You are a sickening little person.
    49. you have the brain power of a walnut.

    If these are compliments, just imagine what your negative remarks would look like!!!!

  18. Oh dear, Kriston Cook, you’ll gather that the gay community is rather anti-you, dear.
    What do your straight friends/family/milkman think of you?
    Time to change your ways and think about other people you’d like to have in your life – if anyone at the moment, is prepared to be a part of it.
    Get advice, get counselling, get therapy – and, incidentally, how about writing a nice letter to this poor man and his wonderful family, appologising for causing such grief, heartache and misery.

  19. What’s not to say this older guy did not prey on and corrupt a vulnerable young lad! Took advantage….but when young lad realised took pay back! Both did wrong, but remember there are always 2 sides to any story.

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