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Gay couples protest Australian gay marriage ban with mock weddings

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Reader comments

  1. Backward convicts!

  2. Good to the see the wonderful Australian gay and lesbian community getting itself organised and out there and demonstrating against the Rudd position on gay marriage. Individuals like Rudd in Australia are those who hark back to images and ideals of old imperialist Christian England. The people think differently. 60% of Aussies support gay marriage. The government needs to get used to that statistic.

    By the way I had a letter back from the Private Secretary to the Irish Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Mr Dermot Ahern T.D., regarding the Civil Partnership Bill. He advised:

    “The legal advice available to the Government is that it would be constitutionally impermissible to provide for same-sex marriage. To extend marriage to same-sex couples would require amendment of the Constitution.”

    Of course, I’m writing back to say, “Well amend the damn constitution then!”

  3. If only British gays could be bothered to protest the ban on gay marriage here.

  4. Well said Moamaom! Spot on. It seems to me that Civil Partnerships are like cannabis for the gays…..why the apathy?

  5. John Macdonald 4 Aug 2009, 5:08am

    Marriage is a failed or flawed heterosexual institution, so why do gays want to get married. It is so retrograde. As our federal MP has stated: “You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.” And this is true in the reforms that the Government has implemented for the gay community. The more demands the gay community make the more isolated they are going to become. And the more hatred and intolerance it is creating towards us. Give us all some breathing space before the next round of reforms start. Had enough of the gay community, now. It has become so pathetic, pitiful and paltry now.

  6. @John Macdonald

    Marriage may mean nothing to you but it means something to plenty of other people. The obvious answer to your question is that gay couples want to get married for the same reason why everyone else does. Marriage is an institution which has a high significance in all human cultures, it’s been around for thousand of years and it’s something people have a deep emotional attachtment to. ‘Civil partnerships’ are a bureaucratic institution created 4 years ago to placate the demands of gays asking for equal rights. Marriage is flawed perhaps but it’s certainly not failed, in countries and US states where gays have achieved marriage equality it’s civil unions which have been regarded as the failed experiment. There aren’t any gays in Vermont or New Hampshire crying over their loss to the right to a civil union, which will be abolished there once equal marriage takes effect.

    Also there are many gays who are religious and there are churches and denominations who do wish to marry same-sex couples (like the Quakers) but are not allowed to under the current law. Keeping the ban on gay marriage infringes on their freedom.

    You’re claim that by fighting for marriage equality we would somehow create more homophobia and invite a backlash is utter rubbish. In the UK homophobic hate crime is already on a sharp increase despite no forceful campaign for marriage equality here yet. The issue is irrelevant; being mute on marriage won’t, and as we’ve seen in Blighty doesn’t, endear us to homophobes.

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