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Northern Ireland

Christian protesters fail to halt Belfast Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 3 Aug 2009, 12:25pm

    “As the parade passed, they turned their backs and bowed their heads.”

    So their bottoms were in the air.

    Quite appropriate since the members of the Free Presbyterian cult are likely to be closet cases. People who are obsessed with gay sex tend to be gay after all.

  2. Free Presbyterian Church, eh?
    Typical Pick n Mix bigots.
    wheres the christian love, compassion, loving ur neighbor etc?

  3. Simon Murphy 3 Aug 2009, 12:40pm

    Love, compassion and loving your neighbour are alien concepts to the Free Presbyterians. Their stock in trade is hatred, division, sectarianism and intolerance.

  4. I am old enough to remember parades i Belfast ending in death, blood and gore; all apparently in the name of religion! Gay Pride, people enjoying themselves, having fun and totally NON VIOLENT!

  5. I wonder if some of these nutcases were also at London Pride – mostly the placard wavign cranks had an Ulster accent. I quite enjoyed whipping up the crowd around me to hurl abuse back at them :-)

  6. Ulster, green and orange united, says no to sodomy!

  7. Simon Murphy 3 Aug 2009, 4:20pm

    Not true Fenian. Crazed extremist bigots from the DUP are certainly opposed to sodomy (although I imagine they are the most fervent practitioners – always the same story with the extremist bigots). All other people seem pretty cool about the gaylove.

  8. @Simon Murphy – nice one – I agree with both of your posts – took the words out of my mouth.

  9. Christina Engela 3 Aug 2009, 7:03pm

    Carrying placards that read “God hates fags” – now that’s not offensive at all – but seeing people defending their humanity, now that’s just downright awful, isn’t it? How dare they love each otber when they should be holding hateful placards and protesting against love!

  10. I walked in Saturday’s Belfast Pride Parade, and had a THOROUGHLY GOOD TIME! The so-called ‘Christian protests’ were truly a total non-event – barely noticeable if you didn’t know where to expect them, [same locations as last year] and when you reached that point they were SO easy to ignore. The first group, in the park beside the Cathedral (but not associated with the Cathedral) simply turned their backs and started to pray – hardly worthy of the name ‘Protest’. Let’s face it, a banner that proclaims that God so loved the World …(John 3:16) is hardly ‘anti-Gay’ – more ‘pro-Gay’ if anything since Gays always have been part of the world!! A banner that proclaims “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy” is hardly a convincing protest on a Saturday afternoon!
    The second group of protesters at City Hall were louder and more vocal, but the general public simply stood between them and the parade so really their efforts came to nothing.
    It seems to me a GREAT pity that the media [Pink News included] sees fit to portray the afternoon as some kind of conflict between the Gays and the Christians – it really wasn’t that at all. It was a celebration by the Gay community of who and what they are; and the tens of thousands of smiling faces lining the route, enjoying the spectacle is the real story. The public really enjoyed the spectacle – I watched the crowds as I walked along for about 1.5 hours through the city centre and I can honestly say that I didn’t detect a single disapproving scowl – we were cheered, clapped and smiled at as we went along, maybe one or two bemused people not sure what was going on, but certainly NO hostility that I could detect.
    As for the protesters … well, no doubt they went home filled with self-righteousness because they had ‘stood up for the Gospel’ – well, sorry to disappoint them but their efforts were entirely in vain … but then they probably knew that before they left home – if they were entirely honest. They were nothing more than the ‘verbal masturbators’ of the afternoon – those who get their kicks from the sound of their own voices, voicing their own opinions (and prejudices) but produce absolutely NOTHING of any value. I’m sure even The Almighty yawned with boredom when He had to listen to them.
    Finally, GREAT credit to the organisers who did a superb job at organising a most enjoyable afternoon and a superb parade, who showed more Christianity towards those who wished to protest than the Christian protesters showed to their fellow human-beings.
    Belfast Pride was a SUCCESS!!! A MOST ENJOYABLE AFTERNOON!!!!!

  11. I was there as well and for the sixth time and I had a great time as usual. AndySam above is correct that the protesters were a total non-event and a really good time was has by all.

    The way that everyone comes together for the parade is an amazing buzz and, although we didn’t have Iris Robinson’s idiotic comments like last year to polarise us, it was still great to see people of all varieties lining the street and cheering us on.

    Well done everyone!

  12. Fenian, don’t you mean says “Ulster, green and orange united, no to stupidity!”

    …there’s a lot of your religious crap up in that Provence. Isn’t it time for you and your kind to grow up and join the Republic and Great Britain in the 21st century?

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