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Video: Soho joins world in vigils for victims of the Tel Aviv anti-gay massacre

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Reader comments

  1. GlasgowLesbians 3 Aug 2009, 12:27am

    This was a terrible thing that happened, must have been a terrifying experience, hope they caught the shooter.

  2. Brian Burton 3 Aug 2009, 6:24am

    Oh Isreal, scares now added to the scares you already have by this tragedy.

  3. All very unfortunate, but I suspect the Jews will pile this on their already massive persecution complex, as well as all the gays saying the same thing (“See, I told you they all hate us!”)

    We need to get this in perspective. This was one lone nutter, who, from the apparent evidence is probably gay himself, went off the rails and did this. Sadly, this kind of thing happens almost on a weekly basis in USA, but there it’s usually just ordinary schoolkids.

  4. Wiliam Jones 3 Aug 2009, 11:32am

    Authorities have said that they do not believe that the crime has anything to do with the Palestinian fight for freedom. Meaning it was likely one of those extremist, orthodox jews.

    Religion is a sick cancer on the world. I cannot think of a single positive thing contributed to the world by religion. We have the catholics and their promotion of Aids in Africa; the muslims and their hatred of women and the jews with their claim that ‘god’ has personally set aside someone else’s home as their country.

    Religion is evil.

  5. Its terrible that it always seems to take a tragedy such as this for people to realise that hate crimes are not a thing of the past, but are very real and very present. In some ways I think we as gay people have make tremendous progress, but in others, I wonder if any progress has been made at all over the past thirty years.

  6. Simon Murphy 3 Aug 2009, 1:17pm

    Well this is a country sacred to 3 different religions. Owing to that toxic mix of course gay people there are in danger considering how christianity; islam and judaism only seem united by a vicious hatred of gay people. Religion has no place in a modern, democratic society.

  7. William Jones, the Jews’ claim on the land of Israel is not founded on any special dispensation from God. It is based on 4,000 years of continuous settlement in that part of the world. Jews were living there long before any ‘Palestinians’ or Arabs for that matter came on the scene.

  8. And Drew, who was there before ‘the Jews’? Ah, an indigenous population that were slaughtered by ‘the Jews’, and on god’s command! How do I know this, it’s in the so-called holy books! And just how many of today’s ‘Jews’ are the direct descendants of the biblical Hebrews, not many, that’s for sure. Jew & Arab are related, and have always shared historical Palestine/Judea, or whatever the place has been called. As ever, the Zionists are twisting history and fact to serve their own purposes.

  9. Simon Murphy 3 Aug 2009, 4:27pm

    #7 Drew:

    Remember in the fictional booked called the Old Testament the tale about the jews versus the philistines. The philistines are today’s Palestinians. The Palestinians have been there as long as the Jews. Just because jewish people can trace their history does not give them automatic owenership of a place that has always been divided.

    And remember that the settler and orthodox extremists do use the bible as an excuse for theft

    This story is not about jews versus arabs but at the same time you should not be telling barefaced lies either

  10. Brian Burton 3 Aug 2009, 5:13pm

    Nobody can put a claim on any piece of land or country in the world. The land is only on loan to whoever wants to take up that loan. Disputes can arise but even so, the land belongs to the Land. It will still be there when people have wiped each other off the face of the earth. America and Britain hold enough Nuks to blow up the World Ten times over. Nuks are gathering momentom amongst the so-called unstable countries like North Korea. When Moa Si Tuung was alive, he asked the then Soviet leadership if they would use their Nuks to destroy the world and then China and the Soviet Union would build a communist empire from the ashes. Well the Soviets just happen to mention that the whole world would die in that event if it were to take place including the Chinees! The next Nuk crisis of course, was the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. It will happen one one day and there will be nobody left to argue over Land ownership!

  11. RobN: “We need to get this in perspective. This was one lone nutter, who, from the apparent evidence is probably gay himself, went off the rails and did this.”

    What on earth suggests to you that the killer was a gay person who got off the rail? Did you read it in a top-secret analysis by Sugar Plum Fairy???

    Most of your comments up here are in bad taste.

    This one is in really, horribly, deadly bad-bad-bad-bad taste. I really am at a loss of appropriate expressions to tell you how bad it was of you to write this.

    Don’t you think it would be a more rational thing to assume that the motive for this horrible, inhumane attack involved homophobia??? If yes, then all the homophobes have blood on their hands. Of course they had enough blood on their hands so far, but now even more. That to me also includes people regularly making comments about how all the gay people (not all the gay people they have ever met, but all the gay people, mind you) are selfish. Sorry, but things you say and do have consequences. Sometimes not in things that you actively do or intentionally encourage, but in unexpected actions of others. Do you think your attitude adds to the sort of shameless heartlessness in the world that allowed this attack to happen? I do.

  12. Brian Burton 3 Aug 2009, 7:53pm

    Blame will out when the gunman is brought to book and put on trial for the killings.
    Blaming RobN is not the answer, to this or any acts of violence toward Gay communities. Because Gay rights are making progress in leaps and bounds now.(Ordination of Gay Bishops etc.) Homophobic agitators are becomming very restless because of our progress. That stupid councillor Gun of the SNP in Scotland is typical of what they fear, that they one day, will have to face the Gay question head on.

  13. Can you guys stop getting into or swerving towards a politicial debate and making speculations on who, or what or why. It is possible to talk about israel WITHOUT talking politics, just like we can talking about Britain and not talk about the war on Iraq or the current mess in Afghanistan, or Northern Ireland – THE LIST GOES ON. Don’t be hypocrites. As you are being so..

    What we have right now are two dead people, and I assume the comments are from gay people here?!

    Please just think of the famlies and friends, those familes and friends are not responsbile for how or why or whatever way they are living in Israel today. The same way an American today is not responsible for how they ended up in the states and didnt warm well with native americans. Or for an Australian in Australia -who arrived and didnt ask the local aborigines can we settle here?

    just think of the families who have lost kids today. it broke my heart to see the parents of nir at his graveside all holding the gay flags.

  14. Brian Burton 3 Aug 2009, 9:34pm

    Public shootings do spark public debate. The families should be left in peace to greive as they wish. While we that hear the terrible news are left stunned and the overwhelming question is why, why, why?

  15. the thing is Brian, that this isnt public debate its just tired old cut and paste israel and middle east arguments.

    this is the pink news, the article is to talk about the two young gay people who were murdered.

  16. Brian Burton 4 Aug 2009, 6:45am

    I agree to disagree!

  17. Brian, Here is what I think: it is true that PRIMARILY the blame and responsibility belongs to the person who pulled the trigger; however, the culture of homophobia, claims that gays are immoral or that they maintain an anti-social agenda, etc. is what creates the sort of atmosphere in which such attacks can happen.

    In this sense everyone who contributes to homophobia does have blood on their hands. I do think it is important to point that out. When gays fall victim to violent acts, homophobic clergy and right wingers are leaning back in their comfy chairs thinking they do not have anything to do with this. I think it is important to tell them that although they did not pull the trigger, the culture they contributed to is what allowed these horrible things to happen first place. As I said to David Skinner on another thread, whether these guys realise this or not, Homophobes International do these things and they are part of Homophobes International…

    RobN comes up here every now and then and tells us that he thinks every gay person is selfish. Does such attitude contribute to a FALSE and bad image of gays in general? I think it does.

  18. Brian Burton 4 Aug 2009, 1:40pm

    RobN Dose like to sound off (I nearly said RobN shoots from the hip!) but really, he’s Gay and he has Gay people’s welfare at heart. But, he dose not pay anyone compliments, this is the main reason people do not belive him. Some thoughts on Pink comments can be superficial but all comments on this thread are valid.

  19. Well Brian. You are only saying this out of selfishness. Remember? All gay men are ruthless and selfish.

  20. Brian Burton 4 Aug 2009, 6:01pm

    I’m not. I am sweet and Kind and gentle and wake the man I Love with Kisses every morning.

  21. Well, good for the man you love. But if this is so, are you not annoyed by people who call you selfish just because you are gay?

  22. Brian Burton 5 Aug 2009, 8:09am

    Who knows what sweety? Love is fed by the imagination, by which we become wiser than we know, better than we feel, nicer than we are. By which we can see life as a whole….Only what is good can feed Love. But anything can feed hate. Is it selfish to Love as it is defenatley selfish to hate?

  23. Well Brian, if you can be annoyed with me just for reminding you of the people out there who – unlike me – say that you are selfish because you are gay, then I do not understand why you choose not to be annoyed by them… But then, it is none of my business, nor am I even remotely interested. I just wanted you to understand why I am annoyed by RobN and why I find it utterly distasteful that he should extend his erroneous, self loathing interpretation of gays to this tragic event. I think that was the basest comment I ever read of him and I do not wish to be told off for saying so.

  24. Brian Burton 5 Aug 2009, 1:37pm

    Andy, dear Andy,
    Me tell you off…Perish the thought my Boy. I say my Boy because I instinctively feel, you are much younger than I am, and I could envy you for that but no, I am beyond all envy of every thing I ever knew and ever Loved. We are mastered by our moods, mostly when communicating like this for instance. I said on another thread that a map of the world that dose not include Utopia is not worth glancing at. But, then the opinions of older men are not of great value. On the other hand, the opinions of the young are invariably fascinating. Andy, do’nt be a stranger-speak to me soon!

  25. Brian, I do not want to be a stranger, so no grudges, really. I was painting in strong colours because I felt strongly and I wanted you to see.

    I suppose you could call me young, but as you will no doubt know, you age faster when you are gay. I understand you have no envy of the young: when I look at younger guys in the gym I never wish I was them. I do not wish I was with them either. I am happy with who I am with. Maybe I would not mind having their opportunities and innocence (or inexperience); but I would never want to have the things happen to me again that I know they too will have to go through. Who is to blame for bad experiences? The gays? Others? Ourselves? I guess the answer is probably life. The good news is of course, there is also good things out there and the more you know about the world, the better your chances to get them. I wish RobN understood this and I would not have to read more nonsense from him. Also, I still wish I had not had to read that particular comment of his.

  26. Brian Burton 5 Aug 2009, 7:28pm

    You are a passionate young man and the young should be passionate. We Gays do tend to have those bad experiances you mentioned. All part of Lifes rich Tapestry I would sumise so no one is to blame for bad experiances in essence. I met my Life partner in a Gay bar in Brighton many moons ago. He took me to meet his (very ordinary) Mum who smiled her approval and that was it. We have had our ups and downs but through the most trying times our Love for each other shone through. Andy, click on to ‘MY’ in the top left hand corner. Become a member and Click on to ‘Burty’ thats me.

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