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Spontaneous demonstrations held following anti-gay massacre in Tel Aviv

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Reader comments

  1. Rest in peace. Let’s hope your deaths may effect some change. Please.

  2. Larry-bob 2 Aug 2009, 2:28am

    I don’t understand the statement about it not being terrorism. Shooting young people is terrorism, just because it’s not at the usual targets or by the usual suspects doesn’t mean it’s not terrorism.

  3. My most heartfelt condolences to the victims & their families – such a horrible tragedy! It’s beyond belief that someone would take out their hatred on innocent young people, it truly makes me despair the world in which we live.All of us must work to eradicate this cancer on society, homophobia.This must not continue ‘
    & we must not let these deaths be in vain.

  4. David Henry 2 Aug 2009, 3:38am

    This is absolutely awful. I couldn’t imagine this happening here but you never can be sure. LGBT people thought they were safe in Tel Aviv too. It also comes on the one year anniversary of Michael Causer’s murder in Liverpool, very sad. We should stand together to demand safe spaces for all marginalised minorities.

    The Gay Centre in Manchester has been facing an uncertain future for a number of years, even today we are struggling to get access to the building as groups of local young LGBT people just wanting a safe space to socialise and meet.

    Members of the Queer Youth Network will be holding a candle-lit vigil THIS TUESDAY evening as the sun sets at 9pm in Manchester.

    Everyone is welcome to join us.

    Contact me for more details and join the Facebook group we’ve set up under the name: “Solidarity with Israeli LGBTQ Youth”.

    David Henry
    Queer Youth Network
    email: david at queer youth dot net

  5. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2009, 9:54am

    @David Henry: remember the Admiral Duncan. The same aim, to kill, maim, and terrorise gay people for some perverted political or religious reason.

    To all you religious who “hate the sin”: this is the culmination of your words, youi validate and enable the step from talk to action

  6. Let’s hope all LGBT people in Israel bravely take to the streets a second time and in an greater exhibition of sorrow and anger over this horrific behaviour, so that all Jews are confronted with this issue, so they have to think about it, and hopefully learn from it.

    We have to remember that practising Jews, the world over, are as vehemently anti-gay as most devout Muslims and most devout Christians.

  7. Saint Patrick 2 Aug 2009, 11:22am

    Good riddance to human garbage. This gunman is a hero!

  8. Stuart Neyton 2 Aug 2009, 12:40pm

    Saint Patrick, you’re repulsive. It is YOU who is human garbage.

  9. St Patrick you are vile. I sincerely hope you die a long painful and slow death.

  10. ‘Saint’ Patrick, Real saints turn the other cheek. You are no saint!

  11. Brian Burton 2 Aug 2009, 3:40pm

    Some vile DEVIL has highjacked Saint Patricks Name. Death to that DEVIL.

  12. ‘Saint Patrick’ may be a new name for an old fundie. There are only two or three of them and they try to make us believe they are numerous by taking on a bunch of names. They will say anything to grab the spotlight. They are mentally ill, and more to be pitied.

  13. ‘Saint’ you aint! Sick you are! and that goes for whatever F****** religion you believe in PATPRICK!

  14. fundimentalism from all 3 abrahamic faiths is on the rise in israel and lgbtqi people are the group that unites them together. in hate. im afraid for the community in israel.


  15. “Good riddance to human garbage. This gunman is a hero!”

    Oh, bravo! You’re parents must be so proud of vermin like you…. or do you know your parents? I mean, given such an educated remark, its more likely your mother got knocked up behind a chipper by some random punter for €15 and she abandoned you because she was a crack whore.

  16. Moving on from the troll.

    Those kids are heroes of mine. They where true to themselves at a young age. I wish I had the courage at that age to be myself and not conform to the hetro world.


  17. Why does anyone even bother to respond to Saint Patrick, it’s exactly what he wants. Just ignore him, he’s obviously some sort of pathetic freak.

  18. Wiliam Jones 3 Aug 2009, 11:38am

    “A police spokesman said that the incident was “most likely a criminal attack and not a terror attack.” ”

    What the hell does this statement mean?

    Does this mean that it’s only a terror attack if it’s a Palestinian who is the killer? What type of messed up logic is at work here?

  19. Vo Dong Cung 3 Aug 2009, 5:32pm

    This is an extreme successful hero of homophobic preaching institutions : “killing human being who are diferent with them”

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