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Israeli PM and President condemn murder of gay youths in Tel Aviv massacre

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve been trying to get an LGBTQ youth group started in my home town for the
    passed 11 years and the homophobic Town Council has repeatedly warned that there
    "will" be violence if one is started. The town Council is very religiously run
    and this weekend I even had a

    story in the local press
    demanding a youth group, so news like this is not
    going to be helpful because the Town Council will grasp on this as evidence
    "not" to start one!
    If the gunman turns out to be religiously motivated then religion is as
    guilty as the gunman himself for pulling the trigger!

  2. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2009, 1:24pm


    it’s called “blaming the victims”. So the holocaust was all the Jews’ fault!!

  3. J’ACCUSE….!

    By being unsupportive of homosexual people, by mouthing their less than wholehearted support – and never mind that “homosexuality in itself is not a sin, just homosexual acts…” (Ratzinger)- the likes of Benedict XVI in Rome, the senior clerics of the C of E, Williams and Nazir-Ali ( ‘shock cocks-in-frocks’ to a man), and the other gobs-in-a-mob in the Scottish Kirk, are as guilty as hell in giving a ‘right’ to a thug, to extinguish the lives of these children; these ‘rights’ proliferating-on-legs apace around the globe.

    I only hope it is a ‘common-or-garden’ nutter who ran amok and not a religiously motivated nutter.

    Because if it is the latter, a religious loo-loo who was “..Told by God…..” -then I would not be able to sleep nights for the rest of my natural if I were any of the clerics that I have mentioned above…who constantly mouth off about the sinfulness of h. and the tornadoes and other Acts of God which ‘result on account of’… h. (Tallach)

    Because by doing so, by the repeated sermonising of such clerics, these criminals feel somehow vindicated and legitimised in the perpetration of these, their horrendous crimes.

    You! Bishops of Rome, of Rochester and of Canterbury…!
    It is time to ‘butt out’, you lace and silk be-decked ponces…and KEEP YOUR VIEWS TO YOUR CKUFFING SELVES.

    And YOU don’t escape either, Mr Tallach, of Lewis, is it?, although you might not be a lace-wearing, silk-clad cleric.

    You are a mouthy one and that is enough.

    Why these people, when they utter their condemnatory, derogatory (of homosexuality) sermons…why they are not prosecuted under the law, Europe-wide, leaves more questions unanswered than is comfortable in a ‘democracy’.


  4. Keith:

    J’ACCUSE !!! Balzac??? No… give me a hint… has something to do with Dreyfus, right?

    This place ain’t the same without you.

    It’s the misinterpretation of religious texts that is at the root of homophobia.

    Don’t get me started on ‘la grande folle du Vatican’!

  5. I hold the David Skinners of this world just as responsible for this.

    Maybe we should go around burning down places of worship and show them what being oppressed feels like!!!!

  6. Brian Burton 2 Aug 2009, 3:23pm

    Don’t be silly, I have lived long enough to know violence begats violence in all these type of situations!

  7. Abi1975
    Exactly! I don’t think it will happen soon, but once the Tory Party gains power and starts siding with the Church as it has historically done and starts taking away our privileges, THEN we will have unrest!

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Aug 2009, 4:39pm

    Brown, Cameron, Williams…..were is your condemnation? We’re waiting!

  9. The Tory Party will soon start their General Election Campaign against PC. They have already said they will massively cut public spending and then there is the Equality Bill that will not become law until after the next General Election.

    We have already seen them siding with Fascists in the European Parliament. If the Tory Party wins the next General Election then civil unrest will be inevitable!

  10. Craig: Put a fucking sock in it. Whatever the news story, you have to somehow spin it round to how bad the Tories are. This has NOTHING to do with them. oh, and not *if* they win the next general election, but *when*; your Socialist cronies have managed to fuck this country up for long enough. I am counting the days.

  11. And just as a postscript to my ramblings at # 3.

    This is just one step up, albeit a very sad, final one, or to put it another way, the corollary, to nutters like Dr. Narcosi and the cretins in the religious order that I was in 50 years ago…with their electric shock treatment; it is the end result of their babblings.
    These kids have suffered the ultimate for being what they are.
    I was about to suffer wires around my head for being what I am, with God knows what results; I got up and literally walked out on religion there and then in 1959….because I did not like the idea of wires around my bonce, thank-you very ckuffing much.
    They are still at it with the ex-gay crap; Narcosi; fat, 25-stone, slobs in Connecticut; a 4th. century bog-trotter on the Isle of Lewis, by name Tallach, with his meteoroligically challenged explanations of tornados; a dumb cluck bishop in Rochester advocating repentance for ‘being’…; a dithering ponce who looks like an explosion in the Bird’s Eye custard factory, who says that “gays have split the C of E”, when in fact it is today’s openness that may very well have split that sect, not the existence of gays in it; gays have been in it since day one; what has not been the case is gays’ openness about their sexual orientation; it is THAT which has split it; openness. Since when has the admission of ‘truth’, Dr. Williams, been injudicious, not the right path, not expedient or just plain ‘wrong’…?
    I’ll tell you when..!
    When the decriminalisation of homosexuality was enacted and it became clear that an explanation would soon have to be found, as to why there were/are so many gays in the ministry of the RCC, the C of E and all the other denominations, that’s why.
    When it became clear that a real man’s job was down t’ pit, or at sea, fishin’, not floating around like a haberdasher’s sample-man, caring; that is what gays are, caring; very loving; very giving and all that is very un-macho.
    But it is the career that gays gravitated to with ease; but kept quiet about; didn’t mention; it went with the job.
    Decriminalisation has split the church and the question that gays are asking as to why they cannot have an outward sign of inward comittment such as heterosexual couples enjoy…
    Some postscript…!
    Longer than the original rant!
    And I haven’t even started on Benny Bratwurst for Brains..

  12. #4
    Thanks for your comment….but…Pink News, Gawd bless it, will be here longgggg after I am ash.
    I mouth off on here precisely because of the ‘diss’ and the violence that is/has been shown to homosexual people from as far back as I can remember by these various sects.
    From the wires which were suggested for my head, by the RCC, in 1959 to the latest atrocity in Israel which I would think is fundy religion inspired.
    Thanks anyway but I am of the utmost unimportance except to shout as loudly and as constantly as I can, and have done, for 50 years…”NO..NOOO…NOOO..!!!”


  13. Keith, you are a tonic, as Bentham says. Are you back from Thailand? And Craig, I agree with you 100%. Good for you for DOING SOMETHING for gay folks in your area. There are many on these threads who will leap down your throat but they hollow men who couldn’t start a piss-up in a brewery.

  14. #14
    I am back, Eduardo, and thank you….and glad I am.

    Glad of a bit of coolth…the warmth was lovely, but the coolth is very refreshing..
    Is there such a word as coolth in the wider U.K…?
    Or is it a Salford-ism; maybe just a Keith-ism..?
    Well…yer know wot I meeeeennnneth…don’t be so picky…!


    I am right tho’…I know it; feel it.
    This atrocity in Israel against children, trying to find their feet, is what happens when you have the likes of the lumps I spoke of in my post above, spouting as they do.
    And I reiterate my demand.
    Why are they not being prosecuted for their utterances?
    Is it such a fine line, this division between what is acceptable and the principal of Free Speech..?
    If it is, then the law-makers need to examine the issue and come up with more water-tight legislation without which many more such-likes will be the norm; more Admiral Duncans; more Israels; more gay-teen, bully-prompted suicides.

    K…better shurrup and give someone else a go…
    Very, appallingly, sad.

  15. Of the three main early evening news programmes – BBC One, ITV and Channel 4 – only BBC One failed to report this attack.

  16. Everyone should be concerned for the families of these people, yes PEOPLE.

    Leave childish political arguments out of it and open your eyes.

  17. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2009, 10:20pm

    10pm News-BBC1

    nothing about the Israeli President or PM’s statements, something about the RCC Archbishop’s whitter about facebook

    We’re only of interest to the Beeb when we’re a butt of humour or something they can pity. SO nothing about our Pride parades, nothing about our tragedy.

    Not OUR BBC

  18. Mihangel apYrs 2 Aug 2009, 10:25pm

    PS Lezabella

    these kids have families who I hope valued them and who I hope find some comfort. But I also think of them as our children: I will never have flesh of my flesh, but I fight as I can for the children of my life – the LGBT kids who may look to us for protection


    FUCH THEM TO HELL (sorry for the rant)

  19. # 19

    A bit more ranting and a lot less acquiescing, Mihangel ap Yrs, I agree, might serve us better; too late for these children, sadly.

    And another consequence of this is that any other kids still in their shell and just thinking about making those first few tentative steps to family and friends and to work colleagues in maybe their first job are now well and truly slammed back into their isolation…with added fear and trembling…a double whammy.

    Another comment earlier on, suggested burning or otherwise attacking places of worship…one of the ladies I think wrote it.

    Young BRIAN BURTON answered that violence begets violence and in that he is right, although I have on more than one ocasion been tempted to take a can of 4* and render SALFORD CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL to ash; it wouldn’t work; the place is solid marble…and it would be “Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into, Stanley…!”…as I spend the rest of me days in STRANGEWAYS, having achieved precisely f.a.

    But I know where these thoughts come from.

    I think it is high time that PRIDE events were staged in venues other than London, as I have said before.

    Starting with Rochester, Canterbury next, then the Isle of Lewis, wherever, and just keeping tabs throughout the year on all these hatemongers and slap them with a legitimate, and oh-so-peaceful demo for their trouble…

    Free speech you want?
    Free speech you’ve bleeding well got, in lumps…

    See where they get to with umpteen thousand gays tramping thro’ their towns; London can cope; not too sure about Lewis.

    The wages of sin is death..?
    Yeah and the wages of hatemongering is a bloody big PRIDE-FEST right on your doorstep…

    There are more ways of killing a pig than pissin’ in its ear’ole..!


  20. most likely to be one of those fundamentalist orthodox jewish fanatics, the same murderous type that machine gunned dozens of muslims in a mosque in hebron about 15 years ago.

    what else would you expect people to do in god’s name??? the pentateuch tells you, you have to kill fags, after all.

  21. Ok, big gob, Ratzinger, hate stirrer, now what have you got to say…?

    Ok, big gob, Michael Nazir-Ali, hate stirrer, now what have you got to say…?

    Ok, big gob, Rowan Williams, hate stirrer, now what have you got to say…?

    And you, too, insignificant little Mr. Tallach, up there in the Isle of Lewis, was it?

    What have you got to say now?

    Just because you are insignificant doesn’t mean you are any less dangerous; Goebbels was a gimp and look at the damage HE did.

    And if I hear the word “condolences..” spewing from any one of your evil traps I shall call you “LIAR”.

    Who needs it!
    Stuff it!


  22. AdrianT:

    Check your messages on your Forum.

  23. I’d like to see more international politicians condemn this appauling event! I was pleasantly suprised at the speed the Israeli politicians condemned this!

  24. David Skinner 3 Aug 2009, 9:26am

    Maybe I should not worry for anyone with half a brain will see that comments such as this one, and no doubt many more to follow, are completely inconsistent with all that I have said before. We all could play this game I suppose if we really wanted communication to completely breakdown. But thinking about it, communication, debate, enquiry and the ability to reason are the last thing one would expect on this site anyway. However,keep talking folks for we still need to hear what it is you are saying.

  25. Has somebody left the gas on…?

  26. Maybe not say anything is what you should do, David Skinner. Your excuse for a comment there suggests to me that you are feeling some guilt inside. For the person who did this was of your kin. Perhaps now you are starting to feel the enormous responsibility everybody like you has for violent acts inspired by homophobia. You know very well it does not matter what religion this particular nazi was. Even if he was an atheist and was going to machinegun an evangelical congregation after this, the bricks you contributed to the building of homophobia were the foundation of his action. Well f*cking done. I will tell you what you should do instead of coming up here and blaming people for their lack of readiness for sober discourse at the time of such unspeakable tragedy. You should congratulate yourself for your efforts were not in vain. No matter your locality and affiliation, you are part of Homophobes International and Homophobes International are who did this. I hope you have seen the images from this attack. I hope those images will haunt you every f*cking day of your life.

  27. Wiliam Jones 3 Aug 2009, 11:07am

    I would prefer to see severe action taken against all those evil, religious extremists in Israel – the ones who think their personal ‘god’ gave them the land. These religious freaks have no place in a democracy. But they are tolerated for their willingness to engage in the state’s dirty work – creating illegal settlements in Palestinian land.

    Israel is a democracy in theory but when you consider that civil marriage does not exist there and that atheists who wish to marry can either go abroad to get married or are forced to marry in some religious ceremony it puts Israeli democracy into question. If these religious nutters can keep civil marriage for straight people banned, can force businesses to close for sabbath; and can engage in widespread land theft then we can see what a viciously evil influence they have on the country – poisoning it with their religious hatred.

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