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Video: 2 Gay teens murdered in Tel Aviv “slaughterhouse” shooting

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Reader comments

  1. I was sad to hear this news.

    I went to Israel for the first time last year for gay pride in Tel Aviv not knowing what to expect, I had such a great time that I went back this year. I was warmed by how open minded the Israelis I met were, how beautiful everyone was, and it seemed ‘anything goes’ in Tel Aviv. So this is a shock for the locals.

    I hope they catch the assailant.

  2. more recent reports say 3 people have been killed.

  3. This is almost too painful to bare, just on the smae day as we have Brighton pride. Those poor kids. I canot understand the levels of hatred that is shown to us just because of our sexuality. I hope there is a vigil in London. I just feel we need to show some solidarity as gay people – because so many people across the world hate us.

  4. im in shock may they R.I.P and may there souls live in in the hearts and minds of those who loved them and may they be re born to live again in peace in a world with out hate Belfast pride was just held and then i get this in the email there are just some eveil fuckers in thw world those poor kids my heart goes out to all of them R.IP

  5. @LizzytheLezzy on Twitter reports that there has been a spontaneous demonstration against the attack: “there must have been a few hundred people there. half-hour march through the streets of tel aviv.”

  6. This is truly shocking, distrubing . . . such atrocious evil always renders one speechless for a time. . . before we find the strength and courage to fight on.

  7. i agree with seans comment. very sad. apparently one of the victims was said to be 14 and about to come out to his parents.

    the city surprised me with how liberal it was with ‘us’ (gay people). aside from the usual media reports on israel i was not sure what to expect when i went there and the city blew me away with its friendliness, beautiful gay men and women. i am very sad by the news and by the loss of these guys in their prime, who unlike me were accepting they are gay in the early teens..

  8. here is a picture from the demo, taken by @LizzytheLezzy

  9. Simon Murphy 2 Aug 2009, 1:02am

    This is tragic news. How awful. Today was gay pride day in Amsterdam where I’m visiting and it was a fantastic day. To read this is just terrible.

    I wonder if the killer was religiously motivated. I imagine so.

  10. Ian M Laughlin 2 Aug 2009, 1:21am

    Clearly, a horrific moment for the Israeli gay and liberal communities, with echoes of the April 1999 attacks of minority groups in London. The Israeli and international gay community will need time to mourn, but as facts gradually become clearer, questions with political ramifications will be asked. Was the perpetrator an insurgent Islamist, ultra-Orthodox Jew, swivel-eyed Christian, a member of the international Nazi movement or a sullen heterosexual with a grudge? Whichever, we should remember that this is always the end point of homophobia, and that the ideology of straight supremacy leads logically to such monstrosity.

  11. Bill Perdue 2 Aug 2009, 1:40am

    Fifteen new victims of religion and hate. Three new deaths.

    RIP brothers and sisters.

    Vengeance is ours.

  12. I’m devastated by this news, there’s no other word. I’m crying.

    Yesterday was such a good day with the Quackers anouncing they would hold gay marriages.

    I wish the whole Rainbow commnunity could just move to our own planet and leave this desolate patriarchal ‘staight’ world to destroy itself.

    May our cherished brothers ans sisters in Israel rest in Peace, and my deepest sympathy goes out to the loving and grieving hearts of their parents and friends.

    I’m so sadened, and I’m tired, so tired of homophobia.

  13. john sharp 2 Aug 2009, 3:59am

    hate crimes again
    i blame organized religion
    for organized hate .
    then the perpetrator beleives he is doing the thing for god.
    well gods do not exist but hate fueled by religions is a sad reality
    i am Angry and sad for the kids

  14. Who gives birth to these kinds of monsters? How I would bend my head in shame if one of my children had this much hate in their heart. Shame on the killer and knowing there is a special place in hell for him will help these beautiful children RIP. What an atrocity. My heart just aches.

  15. #10
    Undoubtedly, SIMON MURPHY, it will be some religious loo-loo and, as usual, it will be God that takes the blame in the end…”God told me to ….”……….just watch this space.

    Find the bastard and hang him up by the cobblers..


  16. Keith & Simon: You can bet your arse this was a religiously motivated attack. A great majority of the violent acts today, both terrorist and criminal, claim they are doing it on behalf of their god. They hide behind their holy books, in their holy buildings, and now use holy legislation to protect themselves from any accusations or criticism, yet will openly attack anyone else that does not follow their rules. The biggest irony is, if there was a god, he would never allow this sort of thing, and certainly not in his name. The friends and families of this atrocity have my deepest sympathy.

  17. You shoot our sisters and brothers and we all bleed.


  18. Another blood bath against the gay. “The buggers are legal now, what more are they after?” well, protection against this sort of attack, for a start. I think the pope should resign, so should the archbishop of Canterbury, and all the evangelists, imams and rabbis. They are to blame for this; shame, shame, shame.

  19. Surely this is one of the most extreme single attack on lgbt people. Israel is a sick apartheid society.

  20. “Israel is a sick apartheid society.”

    Do you hatemongers ever miss an opportunity to spew forth your political hatred?

    Think of the children.

  21. This is beyond tragic, and it shows us very clearly that we are still at risk form these religious nuts who seem to think murder isn’t a problem to their faith when killing people they don’t “like”.

    This is the ultimate conclusion of those we see on this site so too often, from the Hanks, the “reality checks” and that Stewart Cowen creature.

    Murdered because they love someone else, that harms no one, and makes two people happy…. is there anything more senseless and stupid? May they rest in peace.

  22. Well observed, Will! That gunman comes from the same hateful “place” as the religious anti-gay trolls who visit this site to spew forth their religious-dominated vitriol against us.

    By the way, I believe the reason why they change their names is because Pink News does occasionally black-list them and the only way they can get back on is by using another identity. (So at least there may not be so many of such trolls as there appear to be.)

  23. As a frequent visitor to Israel my heart goes out to those wounded and those bereaved. May the dead rest in peace.
    Religious leaders should think very carefully what they say about homosexuals( Pope and Bishops are your listening?) some disturbed ones are only too willing to take it to extremes

  24. “Think of the children” – indeed, Rosebud, this is a horrific hate crime perpetrated in a disfunctional militaristic apartheid society. Gay rights activists must stand up against racism and other prejudice as well as homophobia – for the sake of the children.

  25. Well said Angelica, and all the other posters that are blaming religion. Israel needs to ditch it’s racism, and insistence on appeasing Jewish religious nut cases. Tel Aviv may well be modern & liberal, but you only need to read near daily news stories to see that much of the rest of the country is bigoted, racist & violent. Keep all religion out of state affairs and Israel/Palestine may well find peace.

  26. Two of the guys at the youth centre were Israeli Arabs, not out to their familes and now they are. ‘Apartheid Speration..’ these young gay men were all together, jew and arab..

    You know Rosebud (et al) that it’s possible to talk about Israel WITHOUT having to mention politics, just like it is possible to talk about the UK and not talk about the war on terror or the current war in Afghanistan where locals are dying every day. Just because we dont see it on tv every day doesnt mean it doesnt happen.


    if israel was such a racist aparthied then why do a half a million non jews from places such as china, india, thailand and africa choose to call it home.

    these figures are quite accurate so read up on it if you dont believe me. save the politics, and think of the chiildren and the familes involved.

  28. Brian Burton 2 Aug 2009, 3:36pm

    It’s too easy to start a blame game culture in a situation like this. The Isrealy police will catch the gunman and the real truth will out in court.
    I’m devastated at this happening at all. The last one I remember was the London Soho bombing.

  29. Why do “non jews from places such as china, india, thailand and africa”? Well, first I don’t divide human beings into “jews” and “non-jews” and secondly I haven’t seen any research as to why these perticular people choose to live under apartheid so I don’t know. Possibly the same reasons (economic need, political sympathy etc) that led people to choose to live in apartheid South Africa. Archbishop Tutu says that the apartheid system in Israel is worse than in South Africa – the gay movement (even IGA) used to oppose apartheid and would never have held a “world pride” in Jo’burg but those days are long gone.
    The young people murdered in Tel Aviv are victims of bigotry which shoudl be resited whether it is racist, homophobic or whatever – they are all linked.

  30. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Aug 2009, 4:35pm

    Every reason why British gays should be wary of the BNP, a right wing fascist, antigay group. There are many right wing groups, secular and religious who would just love to do exactly what happened in Tel Aviv. Absolutely abominable. Why aren’t Brown and Cameron issuing a condenmnation of this heinous, vicious attack? Where are the religious cults on this?


    There is a time and a place to use your tired old cut and pasted argument. This is neither the time, nor the place.

    You should take a look then at why people move there, who are non jews, before you just made some assumptions there as to why. It was helpful to mention jews/non Jews as in your tired argument, note that there are 1.5 million Arabs in Israel who work, represented in the government, some are mayors, doctors, faculty members at Israeli universities. This 1.5 m(non incl Gaza or West Bank) the apartheid you refer to is Jews and non Jews are divided in the ‘apartheid’ you repeatedly mention. The Apartheid in South Africa was an official policy of discrimination against black people enforced through police violence, based on minority control over a majority population who could not vote. Israel in contrast, is a majority-rule democracy with equal rights for all citizens including Arab citizens of Israel. Israel contends with prejudice in its population as does all societies of Western Europe and North America. Its not perfect but where is.

  32. Rosebud: “Do you hatemongers ever miss an opportunity to spew forth your political hatred? Think of the children.”

    The perpetrator of this act was once a child too, and I’m sure his mother loved him very much.

  33. Simon Murphy 2 Aug 2009, 7:58pm

    Tel Aviv may be a modern city but it’s surrounded by religious nutters from all the crazy ‘1 god, 1 book’ cults. Straight people can’t enter a civil marriage in that country. Never mind gay people.

  34. Shocking, and sickening to even imagine. How could anyone have so much hatred inside them towards other human beings? Evil, evil, evil.

    Thinking of the families of those poor children.

  35. May the poor children rest in peace. I wish we could have done something to make the world a safer place for them. May this be a reminder that we must not seize fighting homophobia until there is any risk of any one person being hurt or even just feeling insecure because they are gay.

    And by the way, I was also one of those who thought that the likelihood of such attacks was probably greater in a violent society like Israel. Bowling for Columbine, sort of.

  36. I mourn for the loss of those beautiful gay people murdered in the prime of life. My love, thoughts and tears to their families and friends. The gay community misses you.

  37. David Myers 11 Aug 2009, 7:47am

    Your’s is the best thought to take from this tragedy, Andy, we must never stop the fight against homophobia until everyone is safe around the world. Homophobia is taught by parents, by siblings and especially in the schools where the words “fag” or “gay” (used as a put down) are the strongest tools of bullies, using it on anyone they preceive as weak or unpopular regardless of that persons true sexuality. Here in Vancouver a sixteen year old east Indian boy put rocks in his pockets and jumped off the Port Mann bridge to his death because he was continually harrassed as queer, even though he was straight. His mother is at the forfront of efforts to combat bullying and homophobia in B.C.’s high schools. This hatred cycle must be stopped in the schools, both the high schools and the grade schools. These eduation efforts should use age appropriate education tools – i.e. for instance the children’s book, “I Have Two Daddies” (by Lynn Calvin, published by Barnes and Noble) and other books that, while not talking explicitly about sexual acts, teaches tolerance for all kinds of family compositions. Never forget, if we don’t fight this hatred and bigotry for the children this madness will cycle on forever and forever, just as it has for centuries.

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