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Quakers to decide today on holding civil partnership ceremonies

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Reader comments

  1. My father is the man who gave the speech to the quakers about marriage earlier this week, it seems nobody has prtested and It will all go ahead. Hooray for gays and quakers.

  2. I have always had a tremendous respect for Quackers, the Society of Friends. This is such good news.

  3. “recognise, in love, the Friend whose experience is not our own, and will lead us forward in exploring what true equality means.”
    WOW, I have never knowingly met a Quaker, but with these ideals, I would love to meet some. The world would be a wonderful place if all peoples around the world adopted this philosophy. Religion SHOULD be preaching love, understanding and appreciation of the diverse world we live in, whomever or whatever you think created it.

  4. Had no idea that Quakers were so progressive.
    If only all religious organisations were this forward thinking I wouldn’t have a problem with them.

  5. Louise – and anyone else who knows more about this – if this goes ahead, will the Quakers actually hold *marriages* for same sex couples? This seems to be how the BBC is reporting it:

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    Great news if this is correct, and well done to the Quakers.

  6. Its always good to hear when religious groups become more accepting. The Quakers seem like a decent group with more focus on love, friendship and actually helping people unlike some larger Christian groups who would rather preach discrimination.

  7. Louise – I was at the session where your father spoke, but then had to go home early. Have been following this with great excitement!
    Iris, Quakers in Britain already hold informal blessings for gay partnerships. I think the plan is that they’ll start protesting the inequalities in the law, and also performing illegal marriages (some meetings have been doing this already and sending in the paperwork – apparently it’s just getting shredded at the moment).

  8. Very good news – Well done Quakers

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