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Portugal upholds gay marriage ban after lesbians’ challenge

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Jul 2009, 6:47pm

    Portugal will go the way of Spain, it will get marriage equality long before the UK and others which doesn’t say much for us, does it? Get Denmark, Finland, France and Germany on board, the UK will be hard pressed not to follow suit. We’re never the leaders, always the trailers. So much for progressiveness.

  2. Mihai Bucur 31 Jul 2009, 6:55pm

    Just as an note: a similar court case took place in Sweden, where the supreme court similaly ruled that there was no right to same-sex marriage. The Parliament subsequently legalised it anyway. The point is that, unlike US courts, it seems that the same-sex marriage battle will not be won in European courts. I think it’s largely good that way, since it engages the electorate a lot better and it prevents same-sex marriage from being seen as some sort of “liberal judicial activism”.

    The problem for Portugal is that the Socialists are not guaranteed a win in the September 2009 elections. Indeed, the conservative opposition are currently leading in the polls. If that happens, then we won’t see marriage equality for a few years.

  3. Brian Burton 31 Jul 2009, 8:36pm

    I even remember when Portugal was a total Dictatorship as Italy and Germany were in the distant past. I don’t know wheather all the Dictatorship Laws have been repealed in that country? I hope so, otherwise it’s difficult to find loop-holes in their tight laws. I think the Dictator of Portugal died in the 1960s???

  4. Brian, are you stupid? you must be.

  5. Brian Burton 1 Aug 2009, 6:33am

    At least explain your outburst?

  6. Wow! Can I have a peek in your crystal ball please Robert,ex-pat Brit as you seem to know the future!!!! Sheesh!

  7. Take it to the European Court of Human Rights. Portugal is so socially backward, just think of how the killers of the trans woman Gisberta got away with her murder. Of course, the RC Church will be stirring the pot in the back kitchen.

  8. Let me just say I’m portuguese and Portugal, as backwards as it is, is still better than Eastern Europe. The problem is that we don’t have a visible gay community.

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