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Harvey Milk to be honoured with Medal of Freedom

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Reader comments

  1. Nice move…now repeal those bills.

  2. Absolutly right! Also briliant news about Archbishop Tutu the only prominant Anglican who seems to be a true christian!

  3. The smoke and mirrors of issuing awards still does not hide the treachery of Obama’s inaction on prop 8 and don’t ask don’t tell.

    Harvey Milk would of been more interested in presidential action not a little bit of ribbon and metal.

  4. Nice move…now repeal those bills.[2]

  5. Simon Murphy 31 Jul 2009, 4:24pm

    More pleasantly empty gestures from Obama. Some questions for Obama:

    1. When will the Defence of Marriage Act be repealed?
    2. When will ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ be repealed.
    3. Why do you think that access to the civil contract of marriage should only be between a man and a woman?

    The clock is ticking Obama. If you refuse to honour your promises then it will be remembered come the next election.

  6. This is well deserved and a good thing. In and of itself it is wonderful. BUT if Obama really believes that Milk should be remembered and honoured for the things he fought for then why can’t we see a bit more action on that ongoing fight for equality and human rights for the LGB community? Time for action…

  7. honors to BJK and Milk? A lesbian and a gay man- a bit too calculated for me. How about equal rights?! Please Obama stop trying to appease us temporarily- I think that both recipients would prefer that.

  8. Well deserved and worthy of applause BUT will President Obama PLEASE have the same respect for Lt Dan Choi and the others who have been or are in danger of ‘dishonourably discharged’ from the military just for being gay? He could, with one signature, abolish the silly ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t tell’ policy. The US Armed Forces didn’t object to having UK troops, both gay and straight, alongside them when they desperately needed allies to lend ‘legitimacy’ to their invasion of Iraq … and just this week a UK gay Trooper featured on the cover of “Soldier” magazine.
    By all means honour Milk and BLK … but don’t do so while viciously persecuting thousands of other Americans – just for being gay!

  9. ‘I want to recruit you’, President Obama, to change the face of America so that the rest of the world can follow suit. Stop ALL Gay persecution and discrimination in every walk of life and at every level of society, now!
    Thank you for honouring Harvey Milk – now honour the rest of us by being a man of your word.

  10. interesting comments on here re Obama and empty promises. Only hope here in the UK, the gay people thinking of voting for David C, will read and remember them!

  11. David Myers 11 Aug 2009, 8:12am

    This is indeed an overdue honor. And it is that, an honor, regardless of some people’s belittling it as only symbolic. I have been a student of American politics for 59 years and I believe that Obama is going to come through for us in explicit and substantive ways. Come on people, this man is battling the after effects of eight years of Bushcrap and an entrenched right-wing, fundamentalist party (republicans) and he is taking this task on with a logical and structured approach that includes talking to the country and educating people to the concept that human rights includes the rights of gays and lesbians and that includes the right to be free from hatred and fear. It is an imposing task and it needs the help of everyone with any humanistic sensabilities. I have no doubt that Obama will aid his congressional allies in steering through a legislative end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the Defence Against Marriage Act. To do so we all have to help him convince the “blue democrates” (particularly from southern states) to get on board, because you certainly can’t count on support from the vast majority of republicans (certain principled republicans noted and appreciated). I further believe that under Obama a comprehensive protection from discrimination in employment act will also be passed. Look at all of the good measures Obama has already instituted. Let’s keep the pressure on, but give him credit and support for the actions he has taken, even if you feel you’ve waited for ever for change. In retrospect, change has been happening, significately, over the long run. I predict we will all be very please with his administration, before this term is ended. Hang in there and support his administration on all of the other issues he is also dealing with, like universal health care. The republicans have already bragged that if they can stop Obama on health care, his administration will be crippled (read between the lines – if he fails here, he won’t have the political capital to free the us from the historical systematic persecution of gays and lesbians -at least that is the right wings ferverent hope). We need to help him succeed in solving a host of emergency problems plagueing this country, and homophobia is one of those problems. I believe him and I urge others to support him and everytime he and congress do something right, write them, phone them, and tell them you support what they did, but also identify yourself as gay or lesbian and remind him that you expect him to solve our problem also.

  12. Jerry Pritikin 17 May 2013, 11:21pm

    I happen to be the guy standing with Harvey Milk wearing the Human Rights T-shirt. I took the iconic image of Harvey with a bullhorn and a SAVE OUR RIGHTS sign in the background.

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