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Gay student who was barred from prom denied compensation

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Reader comments

  1. Good Grief, I am not particularly interested in dressing in drag myself, but if someone wants to, what’s the problem??

    Jeeeeez, these college authorities are really anal.

  2. Brian Burton 31 Jul 2009, 8:59pm

    Well Jeremy Sweety, I sugest you wear a Lycra cat-suit in, say sky blue and stick a placard on your rear stating; VICTIM HERE!

    If you know WW2 in the Pacific, then you certaily have heard of ‘Guam.’ A mitey WW2 Battle was fought there and a lot of Boys Jeremy’s age died in that action with the Japanees enemy at that time. They died for the freedoms we all enjoy and take for granted today. Good Luck to Jeremy, good luck to the freedom we all deserve for what was fought for in the past and too easily forgotten.

  3. David Skinner 31 Jul 2009, 10:10pm

    Really Brian, if I had been a kid fighting on the beaches of Guam in WW2 and I discovered that what I was really fight for was for queers to have the licence to smash the rules underlying any civilised society – the freedom get AIDs, be promiscuous and destroy marriage and the family – I would have joined the Japs.

  4. silly boy

  5. Pumpkin Pie 1 Aug 2009, 1:37am

    SKIN-NER! You’re an idiot. I wouldn’t even know where to begin on this one. Nothing you just said made any sense whatsoever. ಠ_ಠ

    All this stuff about boys wear this and girls wear that is so moronic. It’s never made the slightest bit of sense to me. Here in England, the locals think that the strict dress codes imposed on people in certain Arabic countries are positively disgraceful. Yet you ask them about crossdressers and plenty of people say they shouldn’t be allowed to do that (especially not around the children!). Bunch of bloody hypocrites – whether they’re saying that women have to wear burqas or that men have to wear “male clothing”, they all disgust me just the same.

  6. Bishop Ioan 1 Aug 2009, 4:40am

    David Skinner–how many of those who died in WWII were gay? Did those gay soldiers who died die only protecting the rights of heterosexuals? No. They died for the rights of all, including your right to be a homophobic moron. You need to check your med schedule again–you’re ranting and raving again.

  7. Brian Burton 1 Aug 2009, 6:41am

    David Skinner,
    Of course you would have joined the Japs, You are a TRAITOR to the human race. Your Whole being eminates Evil, from every poisoned orofus you spout your cloying evil. Get thee behind me SATAN.

  8. Brian Burton 1 Aug 2009, 6:52am

    ALERT, ALERT, ALERT…THe Evil Troll is Sliming his Slimy way In….SkinnerSkinnerSkinnerSkinnerSkinnerSkinner…The Slimy Slug aproaches…We must give the TROLL the hob-nail-boot treatment…Jump on the BASTARD!

  9. Brian Burton 1 Aug 2009, 6:56am

    You would not fight on any beach you Liar, you are too much of a COWARD.

  10. @TallDave anal is useful, the school authorities are homophobic therefore are not – useful.
    @Brian Burton I agree with you
    @David Skinner go and find yourself a girlfriend and stop reading Pinknews as it is far beyond your comprehension.

  11. Brian Burton 1 Aug 2009, 8:11am

    Short and sweet dear Boy. I think you are mis-informed about David Skinner (Find a Girlfriend?) David Skinner admitted to me that he is Gay…True Rich, on preveious threads. He’s turned up on here again after a short holiday with his present Boy Lover (His type likes them young!) He Trolls around the Pink site for extra sexual thrills!

  12. Skinner sounds as much of a dope as the head of that particular institution, they both have the IQ’s of a dog biscuit between them. Sorry make that a half chewed up dog biscuit.

  13. How do homophobes find these sites and why do they visit them? Thats a good question. I am guessing some closets are dark and deep for some people. It is amazing to me how many “straights” are so insecure about their heterosexuality. I dont trawl str8 sites. There is nothing on them that holds any interest for me. So a raving lunatic with a last name of Skinner (that alone is hilarious)makes me very sad for an obviously lonely and desperate human being. RIP David Skinner, I feel so sad for you. How dark your heart. Pin a rainbow on it.

  14. Brian Burton 2 Aug 2009, 10:56pm

    My Question: Are you a practicing Homosexual?
    Your Answer: No, I’m really quite good at it now!
    Piss-off you silly Cow Skinner.

  15. “if I had been a kid fighting on the beaches of Guam in WW2…”

    …you would have been shot by your own platoon, as they’d be sick of your stupidity. No one likes a fool, Skinner. Besides, you’d have failed the psychology tests, they wouldn’t let you near a pea-shooter because of your retardation.

  16. Brian Burton 3 Aug 2009, 7:23am

    Hi Will,
    Look up Burty wearing the stetson on ‘MY’

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